10 Ways To Make It Easier To Travel With Kids


The purpose of travel is to relax and take a breather from the daily grind, but even the most perfectly planned trip can have its mishaps — especially if you have kids in tow. Whether you travel by car, plane, or train, your family vacation need not be like Chevy Chase’s film “Vacation.” Add these 10 tips to your to-do list and you’ll be on your way to a stress-free trip that everyone can enjoy.

Research Your Destination

It’s a good idea to thoroughly research your destination to make sure it’s appropriate for your kids. Sure, not every vacation is going to involve water and theme parks (getting them cultured with museums and historical sights is great, too), but you can save yourself a lot of time, money and frustration by scoping out family friendly restaurants and activities in advance.

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Rent A Vacation Home

Instead of booking a hotel or resort, opt for a vacation rental. It’s not uncommon for large apartments and homes to cost less. You’ll be blessed with a lot more space to include a kitchen where you can cook your own meals and save some cash.

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Don’t Overplan

Nothing is worse than a jam-packed, overly rigid schedule that offers no room for flexibility or relaxation. Slate time for your absolute must-dos based on hours of operation, but go with the flow for the remainder of the time in an effort to avoid coming home even more exhausted than before you left.

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Pack An Activity Bag

An activity bag is a must if you want to prevent a meltdown on the train, plan, in the car, at your final destination, or if there is a delay of some sort. Fill the sack with age-appropriate goodies such as reading material, activity books (from coloring to puzzles to Mad Libs) to music and a tablet — just make sure to limit time spent with electronics as overuse defeats the purpose of family time.

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Dress Them Comfortably For Transit

Traveling involves sitting for hours on end, so make sure your kiddos are comfortably dressed in layers to meet the needs of various climate changes — airplanes can become chilly at night and road trips mean traveling through different parts of the country. Pack pajamas in an onboard or car bag for extra long trips that go into the night.

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Don’t Overpack

Practice smart packing by not overdoing it. Keep in mind that you’re going to be the one to help your kids if they can’t handle their own suitcase. A good rule of thumb for a two-week vacation is to have five different mix and match outfits that can be used to create various combinations to extend their wear. Next, incorporate any destination-specific items such as swimming gear.

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Invest In Travel-Friendly Gear

Look for travel-friendly versions of must-have items such as a stroller, portable high chair, carrier, diaper bag, ride-on suitcase (for kids), baby hiking backpack, portable bed and more.

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Pack Car-Friendly Meals

Keep your kids from getting cranky while preventing unhealthy fast food stops for the entire family by pre-preparing healthy meals such as the standard PB&J, crackers/veggies with hummus, wrap sandwiches, protein boxes and bottled water.

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Maintain A Regular Sleep Schedule

It can be difficult to maintain a regular sleep schedule while on vacation, but make an effort to start your trip well-rested, enforce regular bedtime/awake time and ensure everyone will have proper sleeping quarters at your final destination.

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Don’t Forget Medical Essentials

Plan ahead for any health or injury-related mishaps by packing a DIY first-aid kit complete with bandages, gauze, surgical tape, small scissors, antiseptic spray, hydrocortisone cream, bug spray, SPF, pain relief and anti-diarrhea medications — your kids meds, too.

Encourage your kids to keep a travel journal throughout your trip. Help them fill it with pictures and prompt them on things to write such as their favorite memory, best meal or something new that they saw. Add dates so they have a fun souvenir that will last them into adulthood.

 Photo Credit: Pixabay

Author: Daniel Sherwin | [email protected] | DadSolo.com

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