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Best Family Travel Blogs 2018
Best Family Travel Blogs to Follow

Reading family travel blogs is one of the best, fastest, and most fun ways to get the information that allows you and your family to take adventures and create memorable moments together. However, your time is valuable—and there are too many blogs out there for you to ever read every single one. I want to help you find the best of the best family travel blogs. I’ve curated a list of ten of my favorites here, and have included the details on each one that will help you figure out which family travel blogs are most suited to your taste, your budget, and most of all your family. You can also view the Ultimate List of Travel Blogs.

Traveling Canucks

Traveling Canucks - Best Family Travel Blogs 2018
Traveling Canucks is one of the most well-known travel blogs because of its wide appeal. The blog started when couple Nicole and Cameron Wears left their jobs and went on some serious adventures in 2008, and has continued as they’ve settled down in Vancouver, started working regular jobs again, and started a family. Their experience with serious, long-term backpacking adventures has given them a lot of knowledge that can be put to use in smaller family trips, and their location in Vancouver makes them ideal for North American readers (though they travel all over the world, having visited over 65 countries).

Although they write about all travel topics, they focus on a few key things:

  • Unique family-friendly adventures
  • Finding the time and money to travel with two kids and regular jobs
  • Practical matters like destination dos and don’ts, luggage and accessory recommendations, and airport security and dining guides

The sense of adventure is palpable on this blog, but it comes with a lot of practical advice that’s sure to impress every family. 

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YTravel Blog

YTravel - Best Family Travel Blogs 2018
The YTravel Blog is written by Australian married couple Caz and Craig Makepeace, and focuses on destination trips around the world and road trips in Australia and the US—in fact, the blog is starting a running series on the family’s road trip to every US state this March.

A big part of the appeal of the YTravel Blog is its positivity. Obviously, there aren’t a lot of pessimistic travel blogs out there, but the Y Travel Blog takes this positivity to a whole new level, with budgeting and timing tricks to help every family get outside the box and take adventures. While there’s plenty here about massive adventures, Caz and Craig also want to help people have great weekends and vacations—and they also encourage readers to do good for others while traveling.

One of my favorite parts of this blog is the way it’s organized. The bloggers have broken their site down into categories that will help you with pre-trip planning, packing, flying, and ultimately enjoying yourself at your destination.

Although the focus is definitely on family travel, the blog also provides tips and tricks related to solo and couples traveling, which is great for parents who want to plan a romantic getaway or individuals who need some time alone in the middle of a busy life. 

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Where’s Sharon?

Wheres Sharon - Best Family Travel Blogs 2018
While every family travel blog focuses both on the fun and the unique challenges of traveling with kids, Where’s Sharon? makes traveling with kids its major focus. This is a great blog for those who have multiple kids, too—blogger Sharon and husband Josh have three children, one of them a new baby.

In addition to the destination guides and fun stories that populate every travel blog, Sharon focuses on providing practical information on products on services, so that you can travel on a budget. There are also articles for every destination the family has visited that provide plenty of information on the fun things you can do with your kids there.

Sharon also writes about solo travel in her Flashback Fridays posts, telling stories related to her big trips before settling down and having a family.

The real highlight of this blog for me is the buying guides related to things every traveling family needs, from strollers to luggage. Sharon and her family also provide detailed packing lists and other practical tips for every trip they take—and can be brutally honest, with a hearty sense of humor, about some of the difficulties of traveling with children.

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World Travel Family

World Travel Family - Best Family Travel Blogs 2018
World Travel Family sets itself apart from a lot of the other travel blogs with its writers’ extraordinary lifestyle. While most other travel blogs are run by families and couples who have planted roots in one area, World Travel Family’s blogger Alyson and her husband and two kids have been traveling nonstop for several years.

While the blog started before the never-ending trip, the kids’ enthusiasm and Alyson’s growing desire for independence from the workaday world led the family to start traveling indefinitely, leading a modern nomadic lifestyle. That is now the major subject of the blog, so it features plenty of advice for finding independence and getting out of the rat race as well as destination reviews and advice.

One thing that sets this blog apart is the articles on using travel as an educational tool. While Alyson home schools (or “Worldschools”) her children full-time because of the family’s nomadic lifestyle, the advice here is also very helpful for parents who want to use smaller, shorter trips to enhance their kids’ understanding of the world and enrich their lives.

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2 Travel Dads

2TravelDads - Best Family Travel Blogs 2018
2 Travel Dads sets itself apart as the LGBT-friendly family travel blog, offering firsthand experience and advice of what it’s like for a family with two dads to travel the world. Beyond these stories and pieces of advice, there is also plenty of more general travel knowledge for how to get the most out of every destination, and how to use travel as a way to connect with your kids and your partner as well as the larger world.

The 2 Travel Dads blog is one of the more activist travel blogs out there, focusing not only on LGBT issues but also racial justice. The two bloggers, Rob and Chris Taylor, make it their mission to teach the history of the places to which they travel to their kids and their readers.

This blog, like World Travel Family, also features plenty of advice and stories about the worlds of homeschooling and Worldschooling, from creating curriculum’s to teaching while on the road. The no-nonsense advice, infectious positivity, and good hearted mission make this blog a fun and worthwhile read.

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Travels with Baby

Travels with Baby - Best Family Travel Blogs 2018
While all of the blogs included in this informational article feature advice tailored to traveling with children, Travels with Baby focuses almost exclusively on the additional fun—and additional challenges—you can have while traveling with a baby.

With a very welcoming tone, Shelly Rivoli presents plenty of practical information on both products and destinations to get the most out of your travels with baby. This advice will be especially welcome to new parents, but there’s plenty here for the more experienced to learn as well. On top of all that, this blog is just tons of fun. 

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Points with a Crew

Points with a Crew - Best Family Travel Blogs 2018
Points with a Crew is a family travel blog with a much more specific mission than most—helping you save money, travel more, and most of all get all the benefits of credit card rewards programs. With plenty of experience, stories, and specific advice, blogger and dad of six kids Dan offers ways for regular families to begin to excel at what he calls “travel hacking.”

Travel hacking involves finding all the best deals, planning things well in advance, and ensuring that you can stretch even the tightest budget to give yourself and your family a much-needed and much-deserved good time. If you’re a frugal family, this blog will convince you you can travel without wasting money—and there’s plenty of great, more general travel advice too, like what tools you should always bring with you to avoid travel mishaps.

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Travel with Bender

Travel with Bender - Best Family Travel Blogs 2018
Travel with Bender is one of the premier family travel blogs because of its sheer size and vast breadth of information. While many other family travel blogs choose to focus on a very specific element of traveling with a family, blogger Josh Bender writes about everything travel—and about how to make the nomadic lifestyle (or at least much more frequent vacations) work even for ordinary people.

Another great thing that stands out about this website is its wealth of beautiful photography. Josh is a photographer both by hobby and by trade, and there are some amazing pictures of virtually every major travel destination you can think of on this site.

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Tapped Out Travellers

Tapped Out Travellers - Best Family Travel Blogs 2018Tapped Out Travellers is written by Christine Leger, a Canada native who finds herself living in Germany for work—and wants to take the opportunity to see Europe in all its glory, and share that experience with her kids. There are two major subjects she covers in this blog: budgeting and culture.

While budget advice is a staple of almost all family travel blogs, more budgeting advice is never a bad thing, and Christine puts her own great spin on it, with stories and examples as well as good, clearheaded advice.

What really sets Christine’s blog apart from all the other travel blogs out there, though, is her and her family’s focus on truly experiencing the unique cultures of the places they visit—with specific tips on how to share those cultural experiences with her kids. When it comes to finding destinations and learning how to most fully experience them, even when you’re strapped for cash or time, Tapped Out Travellers is the way to go.

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Flying with a Baby

Flying with a Baby- Best Family Travel Blogs 2018

Flying with a Baby, as its name implies, is all about getting the most out of your travels with a baby on board. Like all the best family travel blogs, it has plenty of advice when it comes to destinations, turning travel into a learning experience for kids, and making the most out of your own time on a trip. However, it really focuses on making the flight experience better and cheaper, even with a baby.

Reading Flying with a Baby and putting its actionable advice to work can make one of the hardest parts of traveling with children—the flight to your destination—much more enjoyable. On top of that, it will make it more affordable. And best of all, blogger Carrie—a current mom and former flight attendant—will make learning about all this incredibly fun.

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