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Best Luggage Scales 2018 – Weight Scales Buying Guide


Best Luggage Weight Scales 2018 – Travel Buying Guide and Reviews

Are you looking for the perfect set of Travel Luggage Scales for your next vacation? After hours of research we have found the 10 best luggage travel weight scales for your to buy online in 2018.

Introduction to Luggage Scales for Travel

Luggage scales are a must have travel accessory in 2018. The emergence of low cost Airlines have made domestic and international travel extremely cheap by cutting out all the options like checked luggage and meal service. However they are quick to charge for any carry-on bags that are over the set luggage weight limit. There is nothing worse than getting go the the airport to find you have been charged an exorbitant amount for those extra pounds of luggage that you may have bought while on holiday.

In a hurry? We can save you time by quickly recommending our favorite set of Travel Luggage Scales Our current favorite set of scale are the American Digital Luggage Scales

By ensuring that you always have a good set of travel luggage scales you can alleviate having to pay extra airline fee. You can ensure all your suitcases always stay below the designated airline weight limits. We have searched over 50 different luggage scales and found and reviewed what we believe to be the 10 Best Travel Luggage Scales enabling you to keep the weight of your suitcases manageable. In this list we include hand held digital travel scales and portable digital scales perfect for your next vacation. For more information on the benefits and features available with luggage scales read our Buyers Guide.

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Travel Luggage Weight Scale Comparison

Like a lot of travelers we have been charged exorbitant excess baggage fees for only being a few pounds or kilograms over the limit allowed. For our last trip to beautiful Canada we decided to invest in a quality set of scales. To find the best ones we reviewed over 100 different models and found what we think are the 10 best. Each model offers something different and some offer different accessories, I hope our comparison table below helps you decide which ones to spend your money on.

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Travelon Luggage Scales with Tape Measure – Best Overall Luggage Scale 2018

This set of luggage scales from Travelon is perfect to be used to weigh all luggage and suitcases prior and during your vacation.

This model features a stop and lock scale which is extremely simple for even 1 person to use. You just use the hook for weighing the bag and the dial will lock into place so you can easily read the weight.

The only negative with this scale is that it doesn’t offer a digital readout like most of the other models.  This does however mean that you do not need to replace the battery which means it is always ready for use.

The Travelon luggage scale is compact and extremely portable which is perfect to take on vacation without taking up extra suitcase space.  The scale can accurately read up to 75 lbs and is perfect for weigh suitcase..

Buy Now: Amazon

  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • up to 75 lbs
  • Included Tape measure

  • No Digital Display

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American Digital Luggage Scales – Best Digital Luggage Weight Scale 2018

This fantastic set of Digital Luggage Scales is from the brand American and includes a built in tape measure. These digital scales will measure within ounces up to a maximum of 110 lbs including a stabilizer to ensure accurate screen readings using only 2 included batteries.

Being lightweight and portable (2.5 by 5.25 x 1.0 inches) enables you to transport these scales with ease on your holiday or vacation. The digital readout can display the luggage weight in pounds, ounces, kilograms or grams. The sturdy and rugged die case metal construction is backed by the ten-year manufacturer’s warranty. Check out some of the great reviews online.

Buy Now: Amazon

  • Portable
  • Rugged
  • 10 Year warranty

Best Overall Luggage Scale 2018
We believe the American Digital scales are the best overall Luggage Scales  you can buy in 2018. Lots of features make them perfect for business travelers, students or backpackers while offering great value for money.  It can easily weigh suitcases up to 110lb or 50kg and save you a lot of money on excess baggage fees . We highly recommend it. 

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Air Weigh Digital Portable Luggage Weight Scales

These Air Weigh digital luggage scales from can weigh any bag up to 75 lbs (34 kgs) and features a small compact design. Weighing only 6.4 ounces these scales are perfect to take on your next rip without adding unnecessary weight.

The LCD digital display is easy to read, powered by included replaceable batteries and features automatic shut off to help save battery life. Featuring 3 different modes it is easy to measure your baggage on your own.

This bag is perfect for accurately weighing your suitcases prior to your vacation or even taking it with you to measure on the road.

Buy Now: Amazon

  • Accurate
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Great Value

  • Reading can take a while

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Smart Weigh EZ Grip Digital Luggage Scales

The smart weight EZ Grip is a great luggage scale for your next holiday helping you to easily and accurately weigh your luggage.

The EZ Grip only weight 3.7oz so it is light enough for you to take it with you without taking up extra valuable weight and space in your suitcase.

Featuring an LCD display these scales can easily measure in lbs or kg and have a weight capacity of 50kg / 110 lbs. Powered by 1 included battery which will last for a while due to the auto off function on the scale.

You can use it as a handheld scale or a hanging one, it’s up to you.

Buy Now: Amazon

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Digital readout
  • Quick weight lock in

  • Can be hard with heavier bags

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Dunheger Luggage Scales with free Carrying Case

These fantastic Dunheger luggage scales have been so popular that they was included in the 2016 Golden Globe Awards celebrity gift bag.  The scales are lightweight only weighing 4.8oz while also being durable and built to last. Powered by 2 x AAA batteries these scales also feature auto shut off after 60 seconds to help save battery life.

The Dunheger scales have a weight capacity of a massive 100lb / 50kg and the backlit LCD Display makes it easy to read the weight. This model uses a strap and buckle instead of the usual hook which makes it easier for 1 person to weigh their bags.

These luggage scales are perfect for any business or family trip and will save you a lot of money in excess baggage fees.

Buy Now: Amazon

  • 110lb / 50kg Capacity
  • Backlit LCD Display

  • Strap and buckle can be fiddly


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Travel Inspira Hanging Luggage Scales

Travel Inspira are known for their great range of travel accessories and these luggage scales are no exception.

These attractive scales off an easy to read LCD display as well as a built in thermometer. The weight capacity is 110lb /50kg which is larger enough for even the biggest suitcases.

The Travel Inspira hanging luggage scales are easy to use with a built in weight stabilization which will keep the weight displayed on the screen until you are ready to clear it. They also offer auto off function to spare your battery life.

The included 2-year warranty make these scales perfect for yourself or as a gift for any traveler in your family.

Buy Now: Amazon

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Multiple Colors
  • 110lb / 50kg Capacity


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EnGive Digital Portable Luggage Scales

This small and portable luggage scale from EnGive has a large easy to read backlit LCD display making it perfect for those with less than perfect eyesight. It has indicators for when it is low on battery life as well as an overload indicator.

These luggage scales from Engive will weigh bags up to 110lb / 50kg with and accuracy of 0.1lb / .05kg.

Weighing only 2.4oz these scales are durable while remaining lightweight making them perfect for travel.

Buy Now: Amazon

  • Lightweight and Durable
  • LCD Display

  • Some complaints of high battery usage

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Loop 3-in-1 Digital Luggage Scale and Powerbank

These luggage scales from Loop actually offer 3 products in one. As well as the great luggage scale with digital display you also get a Powerbank, LED Flashlight and thermometer.

Featuring a large Backlight LCD screen these scales are easy to read and easy to operate with a weight capacity of 110lb / 50kgs.

The built in rechargeable 2600mAh power bank makes it easy to recharge your cell phone or table while on the road as well as saving money on excess baggage fees.

Loop offer an 18 month Warranty on this product making it perfect for any family trip or for any traveler setting off on an adventure,

Buy Now: Amazon

  • 18 Month Warranty
  • Powerbank included


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Digital Hanging Luggage Scales from Etekcity

The Etekcity digital hanging luggage scales are affordable and perfect for traveling.

These scales offer high accuracy readings and can weigh luggage up to 110 lbs / 50kg and include lock weight after stabilization. They are made with durability in mind and will last you for years of regular use and features an easy to read LCD Display with low battery indicators.

They are lightweight and small enough to take with you to continually check you luggage weight to ensure all the extra souvenirs and clothes you buy don’t take you over the limit.

Buy Now: Amazon

  • Lightweight
  • Battery Indicators
  • 110lb / 50kg

  • High battery use
  • some inaccuracies

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Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale

The Tarriss Jetsetter luggage scales are one of the most popular brands available today and feature a lifetime warranty. These luggage weight scales are easy to use with LCD Backlight that locks the weight off the bag in after stabilizing, this makes it easy to use.

This lightweight set of luggage scales only weigh 3.3oz which make them perfect to take with you on your trip as well as weighing all your bags before you leave. If you like to shop then you do not want to be surprised with excess baggage fees. These scales feature an auto shut off after 30 seconds to safe on battery life as well as a low battery indicator.

The weight capacity of these Tarriss scales is 110lb or 50kg which is generally the maximum any airline will allow and is accurate to 0.1 of a kg.

Buy Now: Amazon

  • 110lb / 50kg
  • Battery Indicator
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Immediate calculation

  • Some units have failed

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Luggage Scale Buyers Guide

How to choose the best luggage weight scales?

Luggage scales are extremely important for any traveler and can save hundreds of dollars in excess baggage fees. Different airline have different luggage allowances and it can be hard to keep track of the weigh of your bag. Having a compact and lightweight luggage scale will help you manage your weight.

Luggage scales offering different features and some of the better brands will combine multiple features and accessories into one easy to use package. In this buying guide we will look at the key features you need to look for when buying a luggage scale.  View our comparison table for some great luggage scales.

Before buying any luggage scale in 2018 ask yourself the following questions.

Where will you use your luggage weight scale?

A lot of people measure their luggage at home on a set of digital scales, while this is accurate it is only correct for the first leg of your journey. Most people are under the airline weight limit on the outward bound part of the journey but fall into trouble on the 2nd and subsequent legs.

If you are traveling on vacation then chances are you will be buying some clothing or souvenirs during your trip, this will add extra weight along the weigh and can easily creep up on you. I suggest you ditch the reliable bathroom scales and purchase a good pair of digital luggage scales. These luggage scales are usually lightweight and easily packed into your suitcase. You can then measure baggage easily and accurately ensuring no pesky excess baggage fees.

If you are traveling international then you usually also pick up a domestic flight along the way, it is a good idea to know the limits of all airlines along your route.

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Features of Luggage Travel Scales

Portable luggage scales offer a lot of different features that you need to consider when purchasing a new set. We have looked at the main features you will come across and have provided a description of each feature and why it is important to consider.

Weight Capacity
The weight capacity of the luggage scale indicates the maximum weight that the scale can read. Most scales clearly identify the capacity on the packaging or website and a lot of luggage scales will go to 110lb or 50kg which is usually more than you will ever need. Just make sure any model you buy will suit your luggage size.

Weight Accuracy
The accuracy of you luggage scale measurement is extremely important to ensure you can maximize your travel allowance. Some units will be accurate down to 0.1lb or 0.05kg which should be enough for most people. I suggest always leaving a little bit of buffer room in your suitcase for unexpected purchases or to allow for inaccuracies.

Weight Lock
Weight lock means that the luggage scales will calculate the weight after a brief period of stabilization, the weight will then be locked or displayed on the screen until you clear it. This makes it easy for 1 person to measure their bags without trying to read the display while holding their bag.

Type of Displays
Luggage scales can offer different types of displays including LCD or analog. If you are buying a luggage scale with LCD screen I suggest you look for a backlit LCD which is easy to read in all light conditions. Some of the cheaper models are vary difficult to read in bad light and that 8 can become a zero which could be costly. The LCD screens also use up battery life and you do not want for your battery t be flat when you need it. The Travelon luggage scales feature the traditional clock dial that is not only easy to read but doesn’t require batteries and could be a good option.

Auto Shut Down
Auto shut down is important way to save battery life on the LCD screens, scales fitted with auto shut down detect inactivity after 30 or 60 seconds and turn off the screen. this helps to ensure your scale is powered ready to use it when you need it.

Battery Indicators
Some luggage scales offer battery indicators which are great if you are a frequent traveler, they can quickly display how much power your scale has remaining to ensure it is ready to go.

Other Features
Some luggage scales will offer other features that are sometime only gimmicks. Decide if they are important to you.  Some of these features could include tape measure, powerbank, thermometer or even flashlight. Some of these might come in handy to avoid having to carry extra devices.

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In this buying guide we have covered the best way to determine which luggage scale is perfect for you. Remember to consider how and where you will use the scale, the size of your suitcase and how frequently you travel.

We hope you enjoyed this article and it helps you find your perfect luggage scales. Once you are ready to buy your luggage scale use our Comparison Table or visit Amazon for a massive range of luggage scales.

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