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Best Portable Travel Cribs & Baby Travel Cots

Best Portable Travel Cribs Updated - January 2018

Are you setting off on a family vacation? Looking for the perfect Portable Travel Crib for your Baby? We have searched online and found what we believe to be the 10 best Portable Baby Cribs that you can buy in 2018

Among the most essential baby structures you need to have at any time is a portable baby crib. Whether it is a plug-and-play crib or travel crib, such structures will help you safely lay your baby down when traveling. They can also double up as a play crib although the term portable travel crib often refers to models optimized for traveling. These are cribs that can be taken down and packed neatly in a suitcase and put in an airplane.

Although most people sometimes refer to portable cribs as travel cribs, they are not necessarily the same. In simple terms, a portable crib is one that can be moved around easily within a space and may include travel cribs. Some designs can only be moved within the house and may be challenging to pack if you need to travel especially via air. On the other hand, a portable travel crib is designed to make traveling with your baby easy and convenient. They are thus lightweight, space efficient and easy to pack. You can quickly pack and store a potable travel crib in readiness for a flight, road trip or picnic or simply to store it somewhere safe when it is no longer needed.

The differences

When looking for a portable travel crib for your infant, it is important to differentiate them from the big wooden portable designs that are made for indoor movements. In other words, make sure the crib can actually be folded and packed inside a luggage. There are several brands and designs so finding one that suits your needs should not be a problem. Nonetheless, not all the offers you come across guarantee to reflect your requirements. Others simply won’t withstand your child’s weight while some may be difficult to set up or take up a lot of packing space.
Essentially, travel cribs are simply transportable beds that can fit in small luggage like suitcases making them ideal for travel. There are some designs that can be used on the roads especially for infants who cannot sit (in a car seat). Two main types of portable travel cribs exist today; a small lightweight highly transportable design and a larger one intended for older kids and long term use. Both can be pulled apart and packed for travel, yet their portability is not exactly the same.

More convenience

If you are traveling with a baby, portable travel cribs can give you the convenience needed. It also relieves you from worrying about where your baby will rest when the time comes. Such cribs offer a second bed that can be installed wherever you go with your baby, to set up a comfortable space reminiscent of their home crib. They can also be used as another bed around the home especially if you want to keep an eye on your sleeping baby while handling other things.

Most portable cribs come with a bassinet insert that can help bring the mattress level up so you do not necessarily have to bend all the way down to lay your baby in bed. Others also include features like clips (on mobile) and change tables.

Review of the top 10 best portable travel cribs for babies

While there is no single best travel crib that suits everyone’s needs, some have various hallmarking attributes that make them outstanding compared to the rest. They make traveling with your baby more convenient and efficient.

That is why I have created a list of Best Portable Travel Cribs to buy in 2018. After hours of research online and trying various baby cribs, I have shortlisted the top 10 portable baby cribs that you should consider right now. For more information view our Portable Baby Crib Buying Guide below.

Comparison table of Best Portable Travel Cribs

BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light – Best Overall Portable Travel Crib for Babies

This is perhaps one of the best light travel cribs you can hope for. It has the perfect design that requires seconds to set up and also folds up easily without any loose part. No tools are needed to set up or pack this portable travel crib. If you are looking for a convenient hassle-free design that can be used for travel adventures, be it picnic, camping or any other road trip, then this is the ideal crib for you. It will ensure your baby has a comfortable rest without breaking a sweat. It also includes a removable machine washable material that helps to maintain high standards of hygiene around your baby. Cleaning is an effortless process and the material easily comes off. BABYBJORN travel crib is designed for newborns (about 8lb) to 6 months old (17lb) but can be used by kids up to 3 years. It is JPMA certified and has a breathable transparent mesh to help you keep an eye on your baby. You can buy the crib online at Amazon


  • JPMA Certified
  • Easy Setup and Packaway
  • Perfect for Travel


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Cosco Juvenile Funsport Play Yard Crib

This is one of the intuitive crib designs offering something other than the conventional standard. It features strong frames that can quickly be folded to pack the compact crib into your car or travel suitcase. It also functions as a play yard for your kid so they can have some fun on the road besides sleeping. The crib can be set up within one minute as all you need to do is prop the sides to create a safe comfortable resting space for your baby. It also features rolling casters on two stands with ergonomic handles that make pushing your baby around fun and controllable. Compared with other alternatives within its category, this crib offers more nap and play-room that most. You can find it at Amazon

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MiClassic 2in1 Rocking Bassinet Portable Travel Crib

This is another top portable travel crib designed for comfort and efficiency. It features a one-second fold system that allows you to quickly set up of detach the crib and can also be converted into a comfy carry bag to give your baby a small detour. The crib has two modes; rocky and stable which offer more comfort and soothing properties when on the road, and quiet quality sleep when set down. It is surrounded by a transparent breathable mesh that gives you baby the opportunity to breathe fresh air and communicate with you. A detachable waterproof mattress cover is included to make cleaning and maintenance effortless. One good thing about this crib is that it provides extra height so you do not have to hurt your back trying to lay your baby down. It is ideal for young kids (under 2 years) and can be used for road trips. The travel crib is available at Amazon

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Dream on Me Side Portable Travel Crib

If you are looking for portable baby cribs that can be converted to a playpen, then Dream on me side crib is one of the best in the category. It is made of US patented rail system and a wooden construction that quickly folds up to considerable lightweight for transportation. It is a versatile stylish design that comes together with a one inch mattress for your baby. You also get the tools necessary to set up or dissemble, which is an effortless task as the design folds into a compact shape. All that is required is to lock the parts in position for easy packing. It also features wheels that can be used to move it around the house and easily locks into position using clips. This is definitely one of the sturdiest stylish travel cribs in the market and it also improves your interior décor. You can get the crib at Amazon

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Noa /Tina Crib Espresso

This is one of the best if you are looking for elegant sophisticated travel cribs that double up as a playpen, changing space and movable baby crib. With its dark chocolate espresso finish, it features a hardwood construction with thick sturdy footboard and headboard. A 3 in 1 fold quickly converts the crib into a small lightweight package that can be taken on the road. It offers three mattress height adjustment positions and has efficient casters with locking switch to move your baby freely around the house. You do not need any tools to adjust mattress position. Noa/Tina crib is perfect for anyone who wants to buy their baby a state-of-the art travel crib. Even at a glance, you can tell it offers something special and different from the rest. You can buy this crib at Amazon

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Delta Children Portable Mini baby Crib

This is one of the multipurpose travel cribs that characterize incredible durability and stability. Featuring a wooden construction that easily folds flat for storage and transportation, the crib has 2 mattress height positions for you to choose from. It also features mobile wheels to complete what is a versatile design. It is simply lightweight, stylish and very compact. It is also JPMA certified and exceeds all the safety and comfort standards set by ASTM and CPSC. A stationary front and back rail gives you the sturdy finish required to give your baby quite comfortable sleep. If you are looking for something that your baby will use from infancy even into their school-going days without worrying about breakdowns, then this is your best bid. A wooden construction makes it easy to check on your baby and allows fresh air in at all times. You can find Delta portable mini crib at Amazon

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Bloom Alma Mini Urban Crib

Coming from one of the most reputed baby product manufacturers (Evenflo), there is no better “no-tools-required” travel baby crib that beats Bloom Alma. It literally fits through any door size and has efficient mobility wheels to help you push your kid around the house for refills and nappy changes. Although most people credit this crib for the patented “no-tools” design that allows quick assembly and detachment, it has several other desirable attributes. It is made of high quality wood and features a bassinet for your baby. Designed for kids up to 12 months, this crib offers incredible durability and can be used by your other babies as well. It also folds easily to a compact size that fits in a transport suitcase and a storage bag is offered to save you the hassle. Evenflo are simply the best when it comes to baby care and Bloom Alma is an outright evidence of their intuition on what parents and babies need. You can find this portable travel crib at Amazon

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Delta Dark Cherry Children Riley Mini Crib

There is no complete top 10 list without something for everyone and this is one of the lightest most ideal travel cribs in the market. It is also a perfect choice for small nurseries and features a space-saving wooden construction that folds flat for convenient packing and transportation. Its stylish appearance makes it perfect for small homes and apartments as well as visits to the cabin, cottage or grandparents. It is stable on the ground and easy to set up. There are no moving parts as everything is made compact and the crib also converts to a twin bed so you can even share the space with another kid. This is why small nurseries love it as it saves more space. It comes together with a mattress and enjoys eligibility for replacement parts at Amazon

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LA Baby Compact Wooden Window Crib

This is another durable quality baby travel crib that can be used for kids up to 3 years old. Featuring strong hardwood construction and rolling casters, you can easily move the crib around the house. It is also very lightweight and can be easily transported on your road trips and picnics. Although it is a non-folding crib, the design is optimized for lightweight transportation and a durable construction means you can even use it to hold some of your travel items. Besides, it is JPMA certified and meets all the safety and comfort standards by CFR 1220 and CPSC 16. You can find this crib at Amazon

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Bloom Alma Papa Cappuccino Finish Convertible Crib

When looking for baby cribs with the least footprint, Bloom Alma will always be among the top options. This is one of the expensive (rightfully so) travel baby cribs in the market with some desirable features not found in other alternatives. It is made of hardened wood construction and chip-free paint finish that does not come out even if the baby is teething and chewing. They simply will not be able to get the paint or wood out. It includes a bassinet and can quickly fold for easy transportation, a neat storage bag is offered. The crib also uses four swift casters to aid room-to-room mobility. Bloom Alma is a renowned manufacturer of baby products and this is one of the most durable constructions you can hope for. With a detailed cappuccino finish, it will enliven any space you move it to. You can find the portable crib at Amazon

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Portable Travel Cribs and Baby Travel Cot Buying Guide

What to consider when buying a portable baby crib – Buying guide
There are several travel crib models and brands in the market. Landing one is as easy as searching for businesses online. However, not each offer has the unique characteristics you need. It is not only important to review and compare your options, but also very crucial to determine your unique needs beforehand. Once you know exactly what you want for your baby, in terms of features, comfort and convenience, you will find it easier to get the portable crib that meets these needs. Some of the things to consider include the following;

Age range

This is a very important aspect to review before you pick up any best travel crib. How tall and heavy is your baby? What capacity can the crib support? Does it allow your baby some growth time or will it be useless within months? Some of these questions will help you get a crib that is perfect for your baby’s height, weight and development. If you have a small infant, then a standard portable crib with bassinet insert is probably your ideal choice. You can even pick models that can be converted into hand baskets for easier portability. If your baby is bigger (heavier and taller), then you should go for stronger toddler cribs with casters for easy movement. If you need bigger cribs that can be used by kids above 12 months old, then a durable wooden construction with wheels can make your work easier. It all boils down to what you need the crib for.


While all travel cribs are obviously portable designs, not all of them provide the same convenience and portability experience. It is important to consider what kind of travel crib you need. If you are going to use air travel more often, then a small travel crib will keep you on the safe side of things. Wooden constructions may not be the best for such travels. However, they are perfect for moving the kid around the house and can also be dissembled and folded for easy transportation when the need arises. Size will also dictate how portable a crib is. Large heavier designs will require more from you than lightweight prop-able cribs made of removable washable materials.


Although not an original requirement, this has become a popular trend that can be witnessed in modern designs. Having travel cribs that can also be used as a playpen is added bonus for both you and your baby. If you want your baby’s nap crib to double as a playpen then it is advisable to go for options designed with this need in mind. Larger wooden constructions are often provided to replace the bed at home, but they will still keep your baby safe during play. Nevertheless, choosing designs specifically made for sleep and play will give you the surety you need. They have more safety features to protect your baby and also offer increased comfort and shock absorption.

Setup and Packaway

Most portable travel cribs can be set up and pulled apart, but there is a difference in how easy you can achieve this. Depending on your needs, you should pick cribs that are easy to set up and just as effortless to dissemble especially if you will be moving your kid’s crib location frequently. Some models fold up so there is nothing to dissemble while others need you to use a few tools provided. Packing and storage can also make a difference when deciding on which baby travel crib to buy. Make sure the crib can be packed into a compact lightweight transportable shape that fits in a bag. If this is not possible, it should be extremely lightweight with an easy-pack design that saves space.

Does it come with a mattress?

It is common for most baby cribs to come with a mattress integrated within the design and bassinet. However, not all of them include this which means you will need to buy one. Even those that include some sort of padding or mattress do not promise good quality. You can easily find high-end crib mattresses that will give your baby more comfort. While an integrated mattress will save you extra cost and make packing/storing easy, it should not be enough reason to oversight other critical areas.

Wheels and mobility

Wheels are an essential part of portable cribs as they make it easy for you to move your baby from one room to another. When looking for cribs, make sure you find designs with efficient casters or wheels. They should have locks or brakes that keep the crib stable in one position. Some have lever locks while others use switches so consider your options and choose accordingly.

Design appearance

While it may not seem so, this is still a big motivation for crib selection. In fact, a large number of people will buy any given travel crib for the simple fact that is seems quite appealing to the eye. Design is the first attribute you can grasp from travel cribs. Fortunately, there are several styles available and you can always find a top quality crib with the design you like. You can go for designs that compliment your kid’s room, nursery or the house décor.

User reviews

Another critical aspect to consider is what other users are saying about the given design and brand. Are people generally satisfied or disappointed with the offer? How are the reviews and comments? Generally, designs that meet user requirements will tend to have positive reviews and recommendations. If many people seem to disagree with the quality provided, it is probably not as good as you may be led to believe. Make sure you read through the review rather than the star rating as this will help you identify the unique pros and cons of that crib. Some cribs may have exceptional ratings because only a few people have actually bought the product while others may not have 5 stars, but more than 80% of the customers were satisfied by the value offered.

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Summary of the Best Portable Travel Cribs

The best portable travel crib for babies and infants is that which meets your specific needs and that is final. Attributes such as comfort, durability, convenience of use and maintenance are among the top in a selection process. It is always possible to compare prices against features to gain competitive affordability. Nevertheless, price comparison should be your last task after narrowing down the search to a few options that best suits your requirements.

It is recommendable to purchase from credible licensed stores that offer genuine quality from the manufacturer. This way, you can enjoy all the benefits mentioned as well as bonuses such as free replacement parts. Above are 10 of the best travel cribs based on user ratings and sentiments. However, you can still find better designs since it is all about what works best for you and your baby.

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