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Best Samsonite Luggage in 2019 – Travel Buyers Guide and Reviews


Best Samsonite Luggage in 2019 – Travel Buyers Guide and Reviews

Samsonite is a legend in the world of luggage, and for good reason. Their well-designed, powerfully built luggage pieces can make traveling much easier and more fun by allowing you to securely and intuitively organize your belongings for a trip. What everyone really wants to know, though, is which Samsonite luggage is the best. That’s why I’ve put together this review of the 10 best Samsonite luggage pieces.

One of the best thing about Samsonite is the wide variety of luggage options it offers. However, this variety of choices can be confusing for people sometimes—even professional travelers and reviewers like me!

To help make sense of it all, I’ve selected a wide variety of Samsonite luggage pieces at a wide variety of price points. Some are in sets and some come piece by piece, to suit a variety of traveling needs—but all of them, you can be sure, are the best of the best that this world famous luggage brand has to offer.

I’ve also written a few words about what makes each piece or set great—and sometimes, the ways Samsonite could improve their products even further. I hope these reviews help you pick the perfect set or piece of Samsonite luggage for your next trip—or your next hundred trips.

Best Samsonite Luggage Pieces in 2018 - Samsonite Logo
The following are the 10 best Samsonite luggage pieces

Samsonite Bartlett 20” Spinner – Best Samsonite Spinner

The Bartlett 20” is one of Samsonite’s classic Spinner designs—a four-wheeled roller luggage style designed for maximum maneuverability.

My favorite feature of the Bartlett is the way it seamlessly integrates the benefits of a hard shell and soft shell case through the judicious use of 1680D Polyester, a very strong man-made fiber that allows for just a little bit of expansion and give, but also offers plenty of protection from the elements.

This standard design with a very large main compartment and 2 front pockets comes at a great price, and is designed to fit into most (if not all) carry-on luggage racks comfortably. It’s one of my favorite carry-on pieces. Though I wish its seams weren’t so stiff sometimes, that does add to the product’s durability, making it one of the strongest soft cases on the market. The Samsonite Bartlett 20” Spinner is available to purchase online from Amazon

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Samsonite Omni PC 24” Spinner – Best Polycarbonate Spinner

This 24” tall polycarbonate spinner piece brings extreme durability to the world of Samsonite luggage. Its textured micro-diamond surface is designed to resist scratching and denting, so that the luggage will still look good even after multiple trips. Though it’s not one of Samsonite’s cheaper small pieces, it packs a lot of value due to its durability.

The Samsonite Omni series also comes with a great side-mounted TSA lock for increased security, which is always a great feature in my book. My favorite thing about this suitcase, though, is its capacity for organization. Between its huge interior zippered pocket and classic Samsonite cross-straps, this is easy to pack to capacity neatly. Buy online from Amazon

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Samsonite DK3 Spinner 21 Luggage

The DK3 Spinner 21 brings a bolder take to Samsonite’s classic design. Available in a wide variety of fetching colors, this soft-shell case of ballistic polyester is perfect for business, weekend, and long-term travel.

With 3 front pockets in addition to its oversized main compartment, it offers plenty of storage space, and more ways to organize your belongings than most suitcases. The organization can really come in handy, especially for longer trips or for traveling with a family.

The one thing I take issue with is that this bag’s height, when taking the wheels and top handle into account, may slightly overshoot carry-on bag guidelines. However, I’ve traveled with this bag dozens of times, and have never had to check it. Check out the latest price on the Samsonite DK3 Spinner 21 at Amazon

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Samsonite NYC Cityscapes Spinner 28 Luggage

The Samsonite NYC Cityscapes Spinner 28 is an oversized hardshell suitcase that uses a blend of polycarbonate and ABS for increased durability, meaning that it doesn’t scratch easily and is also very easy to clean. That’s important when it comes to this suitcase, because it’s truly a work of art.

With a bright, cheerful graphic designed by artist and architect Darryl Cunningham, this suitcase is sure to attract the best kind of attention—and be a little bit easier to spot on the carousel! In addition, it comes with all the key features that have made Samsonite’s name in the industry—great interior organizational design and a sturdy lock.

If 28” is a bit too much height for you, this case is also available in a variety of other sizes, and you can get the full 3 piece set as well. This great Samsonite Cityscapes spinner is available to buy online at Amazon for a great price.

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Samsonite Aspire Xlite 20-Inch Expandable Spinner

The Aspire Xlite is one of the most versatile pieces of luggage in Samsonite’s catalog. Between its relatively small size and its expandable capacity, it’s perfect for everything from short, sweet weekend getaways to longer trips.

Its versatility is also reflected by its wide array of color options—so it’s made to fit any sense of personal style as well as any trip. It is also incredibly lightweight, making it even more easily maneuverable than most of Samsonite’s other spinner options.

One downside of this bag is that it’s a little heavier than you might expect at first. But with so much versatility at such a fair price point, it makes a great value despite the extra weight—and the case’s durability is an incredible added bonus. Buy the Samsonite Aspire Xlite 20-Inch Expandable Spinner online at Amazon

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Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion Spinner Luggage

The Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion Spinner is one of the great luggage company’s most fashion-forward designs, with a sleek modern look and a wide variety of color choices available. This suitcase is beautiful, and the multiple available hues will look great with any personal style.

The value and features here go much deeper than just looks, though. The solid construction and spinner wheels are all classic Samsonite, and the suitcase’s side handle is also uniquely comfortable compared with many other handles.

While the retracting handle isn’t as comfortable to hold for long periods as some of the bulkier, plusher Samsonite models’, the side handle works great for carrying such a lightweight case when it’s not overstuffed, and the lighter retractable handle also makes for a lower overall weight and increases maneuverability.  Check out the latest price on the Winfield 2 Spinner online at Amazon

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Samsonite Inova HS Spinner – Best Luxury Luggage

Samsonite isn’t a brand known for making cheap suitcases, but the Inova HS spinner carry-on is a high-quality luxury product even by their tough standards. Between its hard exterior and ultra-lightweight construction, this suitcase feels like the future of luggage.

While it comes at a fairly high price, it offers extraordinary durability. It also uses space more economically than almost any other suitcase or bag I’ve tried. Its outer dimensions may seem small, but the interior design makes it easy to store several outfits, shoes, toiletry bags, and accessories.

It comes with premium features not available on all Samsonite models, such as its zippered interior compartment, high-quality TSA lock, and completely flat handles for easy storage in luggage racks. The bag also looks extremely sleek and modern, and its silver tone will match well with any fashion sense. The Samsonite Inova HS Spinner is available to buy online at Amazon

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Samsonite Flite GT 31 Spinner Luggage

This suitcase looks great and performs efficiently just as so many other Samsonite luggage pieces and sets do. The major feature that sets it apart, though, is its extraordinarily durable and protective construction.

While it has some of the classic Samsonite protective qualities, such as a great TSA lock, it adds a key feature for keeping your belongings safe and neat: a rubber gasket designed to seal out rain, snow, and other harsh outdoor weather conditions.

Whether you’re walking through a rainstorm in the city or chartering a plane to a truly remote and wild destination, you can rest assured the Samsonite Flite GT 31 will protect your possessions. On top of that, it keeps them extremely well organized with its system of internal dividers and compartments.

While this suitcase is a good deal heavier than many other Samsonite offerings, the extra protection it affords your belongings may just make it worth the weight. View the latest price online at Amazon

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Samsonite Tread Lite Lightweight Hardside Luggage Set

This set offers two of Samsonite’s best suitcases at one value price. Though it’s not the cheapest set on the block, it will be an investment for years to come.

The Tread Lite series contains some of Samsonite’s most durable yet most lightweight constructions, made with their patented blend of ABS and polycarbonate that maximizes durability without increasing weight.

While plenty of other Samsonite cases have the same basic features as the Tread Lite set, it’s the tiny details that really set this two-piece combination apart and make it truly the pinnacle of Samsonite’s catalog.

The ergonomically designed handles are a major plus for me, as they make it much more comfortable for a near-constant traveler like me. The texturing of the exterior also provides the ultimate in scratch resistance, keeping your set looking nice for years to come.

This set includes one carry-on sized and one checked bag size spinner with TSA locks. Check out the latest price on the Tread Lite Lightweight Hardside Set on Amazon

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Samsonite Five Piece Nested Set – Best Samsonite Luggage Set

This set may just be the ultimate deal from Samsonite, especially for very frequent travelers or those who travel with families. With this set, you’ll never need to pack light again!

The Five Piece Nested Set includes a full-sized suitcase, a carry-on suitcase, two moderately sized (actually quite spacious) personal carry-on bags, and a small case that’s great for liquids or cosmetics. All of it is made from Samsonite’s premier soft shell materials, providing the right amount of flex combined with the right amount of protection.

On top of it all, the whole set is available at an unbeatable price. While I do wish the full-size case was a bit larger, all of the other items mitigate the need for extra storage space in your checked bag—and all in all, the set is a truly great deal. Buy the  Five Piece Nested Set online at Amazon

That wraps up our list of the 10 Best Samsonite Luggage, did we miss anything off the list? Please let us know by using the comments below.

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