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We review the Best Travel Adapters to buy in 2020


What are the Best Travel Adapters to buy in 2020?

What are the best Travel Adapters? People who travel regularly know how important it is to be able to keep your devices like phones, tablets, cameras and laptops charged while on the road. This is even more important if you are travelling internationally and your usual charger wont be compatible. To ensure you can remain connected with friends, family and work colleagues you need a good quality travel chargers and adapters. As you travel from country to country the wall sockets change making your usual chargers useless.

A quick look online and you will find thousands of models available from many different manufacturers. So how can you tell if the travel adapter you are going to buy is any good? Usually there will be USB and AC charging options to directly charge a wide range of products and the adapter should also offer sockets that work with most countries worldwide. All of this is required to be in a compact design that is easy to take on your travels.

Look for travel adapters that offer the following features

We have searched through hundreds of different models and found what we believe to be 10 of the best travel adapters available to buy online in 2020.

The following  is a list of the 10 best power travel adapters available in 2020

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MOCREO Universal World Charger

MOCREO Universal World Charger

The MOCREO universal charger is a great travel adapter that not only provides the user with convenience, but functionality as well. It can be used worldwide and comes with features that make it unnecessary to carry other chargers or adapters. It features two USB ports that can be either used to charge a smartphone or a tablet and plugs that are retractable. The MOCREO Universal World Charger is a great option and is available online at Amazon

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Ceptics up-5kp International Travel Adapter

Ceptics up-5kp international travel adaptor
This travel adapter is suitable for those working on a budget. It is actually a set of five pieces that include all the possible power plugs you might need. When you buy this set, you are given a small travel bag that easily fits three of the five chargers. You will find that this is more than enough if you intend to travel abroad. The Ceptics up-5kp International Travel Adapter is perfect for any vacation or business trip and is available to buy on Amazon.

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Insten Universal Travel Charger

Insten Universal Charger

This travel adapter can be said to be the most affordable one piece adapter. Because of its clever design, the charger can basically be used anywhere without worry. One downside of it however is that the plugs are not retractable. But putting all that aside it is a great charger that comes with an LED charging indicator and a travel bag.

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Orei M8 Plus All-in-One Travel Adapters

Orei M8 Plus All-in-One travel adapterThis travel adapter is great for frequent travelers. This particular model comes with all the possible power plugs therefore you can use it anywhere in the world. The Orei M8 Plus comes with retractable power pins therefore it is space efficient. One down side to this charger is that it does not convert voltage. Therefore one is advised to use with devices that have dual voltage.

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Loop Electronics Travel Adapters

Loop Electronics Travel AdapterThis travel adapter is a great travel companion as it has a simple design with two USB ports on its side and retractable power plugs. It comes in handy when charging tablets and smartphones with USB connection. Check out the latest price for the Loop Electronics Travel Adapters on Amazon.

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MAXAH Surge Protector Travel Charger

MAXAH Surge Protector travel charger

This is an affordable solution to your travel charger needs. it contains retractable pins and can be used all over the world. It also has a built in power surge protector that cuts power to the device if ever there is a surge.

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MOCREO Detachable Travel Charger

MOCREO Detachable travel chargerThis travel charger was built for convenience. It features a detachable top that works as a basic US charger and two USB ports. The lower part contains all the others you could use. Its travel friendly and compact.

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BESTEK Portable Power Adapter

BESTEK Portable power adaptersThis is the best travelling kit around. It has 3 plugs and 4 usb ports, 3 different adapters and a power cable. You can use it on any socket over the world. It is not very compact, but it has the ability to convert voltage which is a plus.

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Kensington Travel Charger and Adapter

Kensington travel chargerThis is an ideal companion due to its compact nature and that it works worldwide. It contains 2 USB posts that have fast charging technology therefore you can charge your devices faster and efficiently.

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FosPower FUSE International Adapter

FosPower FUSE international adapterThis is an incredible travel companion which utilizes a lever to change the socket for different countries. It has built in LED charge and can be used simultaneous between AC and USB ports. It also has fast charging capabilities.

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