Top Ten Travel Apps for Your iPhone and iPad


Travel used to be a headache-running to the airport with hardly enough time to check in your luggage, print your boarding pass, walk through security scanners and find your gate. But now travel apps are changing the way we live our lives. Now you can easily book your flights with your iPhone and select your seat from the comfort of your car.

The following are 10 of our favorite travel apps to download in 2016

10. Trip Splitter

Trip SplitterIt is a great app to help you split up the costs when you are traveling with your colleagues or friends. You simply input the expenses of the travel into the application and it tracks your costs so that they can be divided after you reach your destination. This application can be downloaded in both paid and free versions.

9. GateGuru

Gate GuruIf you travel quite often, you know the airports can be annoying. This travel application can help you solve all your problems by providing lists of restaurants, coffee shops, airport terminals, malls and shops all around the world. You can also get information on the places with or without airports.

8. My TSA (Transportation Security Administration)

My TSA AppCertainly, it is not the best of travel apps, but it can be very useful when you are traveling through America. You can find all the flight delay information, search for rules and regulations and go through tips about security checkpoints. This application gives you instant access to all the information that you often request from the TSA (Transport Security Administration).

7. Airbnb

Airbnb AppWe have already discussed the shift towards the sharing costs, which has become an integral part of traveling with colleagues and friends. This travel application gives you instant access to home share opportunities all around the world, presenting a variety of cheap living situations to fit every pocket. If you have got a place for rent, you can also manage it through Airbnb. Click here to get $40 credit with Airbnb

6. AroundMe

AroundMe AppAroundMe is one of the few travel apps that will allow you quickly find information about a place of interest. By detecting your immediate location, it tells you where stations in different categories are in relation to you. This app allows you to find the nearest hospital, petrol station, theater, mall and even taxi stand.

5. Travel Interpreter

Travel InterpreterIf your travels take you to an alien country, then don’t board the flight without this app. There is nothing worst than needing to find a washroom and not being able to speak the native language. You can also use this app to book hotel rooms, tables for dinner and flights. More than 3500 words and phrases for each language.

4. XE Currency Exchange

XE Currency AppDealing with currency exchange is always the most difficult part of traveling. There are several other travel apps designed to help you in currency exchange but XE Currency Exchange has long been the favorite of travel savvy people and now is available for your iPad to download. It allows you to select your home currency while monitoring all the others. It also updates exchange rates without an Internet connection.

3. Photosynth

PhotosynthWhether you are flying down the slopes in Himalaya or standing at the base of Pyramid of Giza, Photosynth Panorama Capture and sharing facility makes the best of your photo camera by stitching together all your photos to create a stunning view. Send panoramic images to your friends and family while you are far away from home.

2. Flight Aware

Flight AwareThis is the best travel app to track your flight status. It also tracks the map of any commercial flight from all around the world. Just enter your airline name and flight number and let this application do the rest. This application is compatible with iPad and iPhone and requires iOS 4.1 platforms.

1. Every Trail

Every TrailEvery Trail guides you as you walk through a city, providing maps, audio guides, street names and compass. Travel savvy people from all around the world track their path with this app and use this to share famous tourists spots worth visiting. This app requires iOS 3.1 or later.

So for your upcoming travels, don’t forget to search for the best travel apps promoted by tourism councils and boards. All the above-discussed travel apps are award winning iOS platform apps. So download your favorite app, book your flight and hit the skies.

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Husband and Dad of 2 Richard is the founder of Top 10 Travel and loves everything travel related. Born in the UK and now living in Australia he has trekked Annapurna and parts of Western China and also spent time in Europe. As a family they have traveled to the USA several times, Canada, Europe and China. Next Stop is Iceland in September 2018.

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