Best Travel Beauty Tips to Look Ravishing Anywhere


Best Travel Beauty Tips to Look Ravishing Anywhere

Best Travel Beauty Tips 2018

What are the Best Travel Beauty Tips for your next Vacation? Whether you heading on a tropical holiday, a posh week at a ski resort, trekking through a rainforest, or simply heading to another locale to visit family, you’ve got to pack the essentials. Sure, you’ll need your socks and underwear but when it comes to looking your best, you might be tempted to lug along every beauty product you own. There’s no need to haul everything along on your travels though. By following these Travel Beauty Tips you can streamline your beauty process for your travels, you can still look amazing without taking everything and the kitchen sink in your luggage and carry-on.

The key to looking your best wherever you go lies in one basic rule you should never forget: hydration. From inside to out, it is how you can maintain a holiday glow throughout your travels. Experts say you should be drinking enough water each day, but in particular, when you’re flying or out adventuring, getting enough water is a must. The best way to stay hydrated on your travels is to take along a proper refillable water bottle.

So, quench your inside but think about your outside as well. Traveling is notorious for drying out your skin even if you drink enough water. Dehydrated skin can lead to a flaky appearance, blemishes, and dark circles. It can truly send your skin out of whack. But if you look at flight attendants, you might wonder how they do it. They always look so refreshed and well-put-together. Do they wake up this way? While they’d certainly like you to believe it, it’s all part of their job. They must look lovely, refreshed and calm in the face of anything they face, so it’s a smart move to observe the beauty habits of the women in aviation to glean a few tricks for your own travels.

There is much you can do to keep up a ravishing appearance anywhere you go, these 10 travel beauty tips seem to be the best ways to accomplish it without taking up excessive space in your bags and as an added bonus, they’re really fun to use. The following our 10 Best Travel Beauty Tips for you next trip.

Slather on serum

Before you head out the door to embark on your travels, you should make sure to apply a quality serum to your skin immediately after washing it. Serums have smaller molecules of potent ingredients which penetrate the skin deeply, all the way to your deepest layer. It keeps the skin extra smooth and hydrated.

While serum should be a part of your daily skin care regimen on any day, you should never skip it when traveling, particularly if you’re taking to the skies. It helps lock the moisture into your skin. Make sure you allow it a couple minutes to penetrate before following with a quality skin cream, preferably one that is thick to further lock in the moisture your skin needs.

Look for serums made from quality ingredients. We like Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Acid Cloud Serum and Anora Skincare Anti-Aging Serum. You could go cheaper but then you’re not getting products that truly care for your skin and do as they should to promote skin health with cell turnover and collagen production. These will plump up skin for a hydrated, refreshed and fabulous look. As for a skin cream that will fit the bill for that deep hydration you need, try Kiehl’s, which provides lasting hydration for a full 24 hours.

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Bring a multi-tasker

Taking along too many products can be overwhelming. Will you leave something important behind in your hotel? Will you be carrying your bags from place to place? Adding more bulk to your bags doesn’t do any good so make sure you take products that can fit the bill for several different needs. For example, going somewhere sunny? Try something that can work for sunburns as well as smoothing beach-blown hair or hydrating dry patches of skin. Weleda Skin Food is a fantastic choice for this sort of solution, allowing you to treat multiple needs with just one product.

Another fabulous product that you can tuck into your carry-on and use for cleansing, exfoliating and even masking during your travels is Tarte Frxxxtion Stick. It’s a compact way that passes the airline requirements and can keep you looking amazing on every leg of your trip. It truly makes looking your best effortless.

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Don’t forget SPF

It doesn’t matter if you’re headed for a beach getaway or up into the highest peaks for powdery snow skiing. Protecting your skin from the damaging rays of the sun is a must. The sun’s rays can age you more rapidly with dark spots, wrinkles and lines, and photo-aging. Fight it off by making sure you wear SPF every day.

And yes, that includes when you’re boarding the plane! Airplanes are full of damaging LED lights, plus the sun that pokes in from the windows comes in unfiltered. By smoothing on SPF or a lotion that contains it, you’ll be keeping those damaging rays at bay. Which means a little preventative maintenance on your part will allow you to gaze out the window on your flight without worry.

Apply it before you head to the airport and don’t forget to pack it in your luggage to keep skin looking smooth, radiant and stunning night or day! Dermalogica Oil Free Matte Sunscreen Lotion is a great one to try which leaves skin feeling soft and lovely without that tell-tale greasy sheen that most sunscreen lotions can leave behind plus it provides other nourishing benefits for your skin so you won’t need to bring a skin lotion and an SPF product, freeing up more space in your bag.

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Hand it to your hand cream

When you’re traveling, you’re probably taking even more photos than you normally would. What a shame it is to look back and see hands that looks aged and ancient. Your hands can totally give away your age, or worse, make you appear years older than you actually are.

You should always carry hand cream with you anywhere you go, but if you find a good one, it might be all you need. You can use it on other places of the body like your neck or knees. And it can also solve that static-hair problem that you get on long flights. Bonus: if you tend to find flying stressful, choose a fragrance that is soothing and calming which will help you relax no matter how hectic your travel schedule gets.

Stash a travel size in your bag and you’ll be ready to battle dry hands, elbows or knees, plus smooth out hair in a flash. EOS Everyday Hand Lotion  by Evolution of Smooth is a prime choice because the packaging is slim and easy to tuck into your carry-on. It’s also non-greasy and lightweight, perfect for travel, and comes in several lovely fragrances.

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Rely on the powers of mist

As mentioned, flying really sucks the moisture out of your skin. One thing you should never leave home without is a face mist. It’s perfect to refresh skin on those long flights, or in hot environments when you arrive to keep skin hydrated and dewy. Anytime your face needs a good pick-me-up, just mist away. Even if you’re wearing makeup, face mists keep it in place. In fact, they can help set it. They also prevent the need for touch-ups. So you won’t have to cake on more make up to look fabulous. The hydrating face mist takes care of all that while benefiting your skin underneath, proving that less really is more.

There are plenty of easy-to-tote face mists out there. One that can serve any budget is Evian’s Mineral Spray. You can splurge a bit if you wish on Tatcha’s Luminous Dewy Mist if you want to feel even more pampered and indulged. Each of these contain essential minerals for your skin that seep in even atop makeup to revitalize it during your hectic travels.

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Powder-fresh and fabulous with dry shampoo

You might not be a believer in dry shampooing, but when it comes to traveling, it can be your best friend. Of course, the big aerosol sprays of it are not travel friendly, or eco-friendly for that matter. But a powder formula of dry shampoo will never cause a raucous in the security line so you can take it right on the plane. That’s awesome for those long-haul international flights.

Every woman knows that even if you wash and blowout your hair before traveling, by the time you arrive, you look like a hot mess. And while you look like you’ve fallen out of a garbage bin, the flight attendants on your same flight still look radiant with bouncy, shiny locks. How do they do it? Dry shampoo in powder form! Harness their hair care secret for your own powers and bring one along on your next flight. All you need to do is sprinkle a little bit of it onto your roots and work it in with your fingers. Then, voila! Fabulous hair is yours again!

A great one to try out is Lush’s No Drought Dry Shampoo. It’s economical and a whole bottle of it will last you many trips. You’ll love it so much you may find yourself using it even when you’re not traveling between regular washings.

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Add a hint of tint

You might love your lipstick but after a long flight, even if you’ve kept up with your hydration, it can give you a dried-out, dull look and accentuate any lip lines you may have. Using a nourishing lip balm is a much better idea during your travels (save your fancy lipsticks for once you’re in your destination). But what’s more, using a lip balm that nourishes AND adds tint is pure brilliance. Even if you’re completely sans makeup, a hint of tint on the lips will instantly bring life back into your face. One choice that is highly recommended is Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm.

Another way to achieve a beautiful tinted look is to use a lip tint. It’s also a smart way to reduce the amount of makeup you need to bring since you can use it as blush too. Simply add your lip tint and then cover with a clear and nourishing lip balm. A great lip tint to try is Benefit’s Benetint. Carmex makes amazing lip balm products that nourish and protect, ideal for swiping on top of your lip tint for soft, supple lips your whole trip.

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Dream in cream

If you want to look gorgeous wherever you go, cream makeup products are your ticket to fabulousness. They can be applied easily without the need for brushes plus they’re easier to smooth on so if you’re tired or feeling the jet lag come on, it will make for effortless makeup application. It’s a real space-saver plus it’s easy to swipe on before you land so you can exit the plane looking prim and proper.

Things like cream concealer are a must-have to keep you from having to check those big bags under your eyes and banish away dark circles. Blush and eye shadow work wonders too in your dream cream team. Want a kit that makes it easy to travel with creamy makeup essentials? Count on Milk Makeup for that one, a set of makeup sticks that are fun to apply and keep you looking flawless every step of the way. You can also create your own makeup kit with your favorite cream makeup essentials to get you through night and day.

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Blot it out

No matter how on-point your makeup is, and no matter how much you mist your face, you’ll eventually run into that shiny, greasy face that pops up after long flights or busy days out and about. That’s why stashing blotting papers in your bag is a smart idea. Blotting papers are an easy fix that you can use anywhere to instantly dab up excess oils on the surface of your skin and eliminate that unwanted shine. It serves to mattify the skin so you’ll always look photo fabulous.

A great and affordable one to try is by ELF Cosmetics. These go one step beyond blotting and help control shine with a translucent powder that’s infused into each paper. It makes it easy to touch-up anywhere and the case it comes in is adorable, not to mention thin which makes it easy to tuck into any bag.

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Go waterproof

One last bit of travel beauty advice is to invest in a good waterproof mascara. It’s either that or learn to live with bare lashes. But few women want to go without it, so the obvious solution is to adopt a waterproof lash strategy. Traditional mascaras will wind up halfway down your face on long flights. And in hot environments, you can be sure it will run with you while you run along the beach. Keep it in place by using waterproof mascara.

Maybelline Lash Sensational will certainly stay put while giving you that full, volumized and brilliant look during your whole holiday. Make a splash in the pool, laugh so hard you cry, and never worry if your eyes feel irritated from the elements. It will stay put.

Of course, you’ll need to take it off without a fuss either. Look for a makeup remover that conditions as it removes. Bobbi Brown’s formula is revered for even removing the most stubborn waterproof formulas, and the travel size is welcome on flights.

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One last bit of travel beauty advice

We’re all beautiful in our own ways so don’t trip over yourself to look like your favorite celebrities. Instead, focus on being your most beautiful you. With these tips, you can keep on top of your beauty routine without sacrificing how you look, even when you’ve been trapped on a plane for a 12-hour (or longer!) international flight. The secret to flawless fabulousness lies in the products that you choose to help make you look effortlessly incredible in the air and on the ground.

Not only will you feel more refreshed with products like these, but you’ll also feel more confident because you’ve kept up your appearance. There’s no need to take every last bit of makeup and skincare products from your bathroom in your bags. Instead, packing smart is the way to go by focusing on products that can easily multi-task for you while relying on the essential standbys.

Another tip for looking your most beautiful anywhere you go? Smiling! It’s a universal gesture that means the same thing in every culture. Even if you don’t speak a word of the native language, your smile will speak positively for you. And it matches every style out there.

Take it one step further by also stashing mints or Listerine breath strips in your bag. You’ll feel fresh and minty between brushing and those around you will breathe a sigh of relief. What better way to make a positive first impression than by smiling with your radiant travel beauty glow and minty-fresh breath? Happy travels!

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