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Best Travel Makeup Bags & Cosmetic Cases – Buying Guide and Reviews


Best Travel Makeup Bags to Take Your Beauty Show on the Road

Going somewhere? Then you simply must take your makeup along with you for the ride. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a longer excursion, having a proper travel makeup bag is a must-have for any makeup-loving gal out there.

Our Current Favorite
Don’t have time to read our in-depth article?  We believe the Bago Hanging Toiletry Bag is the best overall travel makeup bag you can buy in 2018. It has enough room for all your skincare and cosmetics and  is truly a travel makeup bag that will go the distance!

Your partner may scoff at the idea of a bag solely for holding your makeup and suggest you use plastic bags, but we know better than that. A travel makeup bag allows you one convenient place to stash and store everything you need to create your signature look on your trip.

Even if you’re going to some lushly tropical remote island where you’ll be mostly luxuriating in the sun, the best travel makeup bags can stow all your sun essentials from SPF creams and lotions to rehydrating creams to finish with afterward. From lips to eyes, you’ll be completely covered.

Short weekend getaway? You’ll still want to look your most fabulous from day to night. Taking along the right foundations, creams, primers, concealers, eyeshadows, and lip colours is all easy when you’ve got the best travel makeup bag for a weekend away.

What about those longer excursions? You’ll need something to hold it all, because let’s face it. You can never be too prepared when it comes to makeup. You’ll want to pack all your best stuff from your skincare items that prep and prime your skin and guard it from environmental elements. Plus, you’ll want to take all the basics for a daytime look and all the fun stuff for your nights out on the town.

Of course, no matter where you’re going, you don’t want your travel makeup bag to take up too much space in your luggage. We know you’re going to pack too many shoes, dresses, swimsuits, jeans, and shirts. That’s why we’ve carefully curated this list of the 10 best travel makeup bags to suit any woman’s needs. From the women who truly can pack light to the women who take everything and the kitchen sink, we’ve got you covered with the best travel makeup bag choices out there so you can travel in style and truly go places!

The following are the 10 Best Travel Makeup Bags you can buy online in 2018.

Bago Hanging Toiletry Bag – Best Travel Makeup Bag

Hands down, one of the best ranking travel makeup bags of all time is this option by Bago. It is large enough to take all your favorite skincare and makeup products along on your journey, plus the organizational aspects it provides are a time-saver when it comes to finding what you need on the go. It’s also incredibly durable and affordable.

Bago pulls out all the stops when it comes to quality. It feels sturdy like it can handle any beating and the zippers are strong too. Durable stitching coupled with waterproof fabric that stays strong mean that this travel makeup bag will last you for ages on all your travels near and far.

The Bago Hanging Toiletry Bag has other wonderful benefits too, namely that you don’t have to compromise and take little travel sizes of everything with you. You can fit your full-size products in here with ease, without busting the zippers off. Inside, there are plenty of slip pockets and zippered pockets to keep everything intact. There are also multiple side zippered compartments that provide easy access to your most needed items in a flash. You can hang it in your hotel room and grab all your beauty tools and essentials without missing a beat.

It also offers an array of colours to choose from including the old-standby of black to brighter options like pink. We tried really hard to find something we dislike about this bag, but we can’t think of a single critique. The Bago Hanging Toiletry Bag is truly a travel makeup bag that will go the distance!

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ROWNYEON Portable Travel Makeup Train Case

Large makeup collection or longer travels? ROWNYEON’s train case is a superb option. It is designed to sagely contain makeup palettes and other larger items. Open it up and you’ll be delighted to find how it expands out to reveal three separate compartments, each of which are versatile so you can adjust them to your needs with padded dividers. The top-grade fabric makes it easy to clean, plus it’s waterproof so no need to panic about spills. It features a shake-proof design so no matter how rough turbulence gets, your makeup and skincare products stay in place.

Foam insulation adds another layer of protection both to the items inside as well as from water damage. One thing you should note is that it looks quite compact, but don’t let that fool you. It can truly hold its own and opens up with plenty of room, even for the biggest makeup maven. Our one critique is that it is only offered in black, however this is certainly a minor detail. If you’re looking for a more funky-style though, you’ll have to keep looking, but if taking along your entire beauty arsenal is most important, this travel makeup train case is a prime choice!

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Hankcles Travel Cosmetics Bag – Cutest Makeup Bag

This Hankcles Travel Cosmetics Bag has it all with multiple mesh pockets plus zippered pockets that will contain all your favorite makeup items. Made from a waterproof nylon, no spill will ruin your vacation thrills. Ever set your makeup bag on the tiny wedge of counter where the sink is in your hotel bathroom only to find you’ve plopped it right in water? Yeah, we hate that! But it can handle a little water, so you won’t have to worry.

It’s saving grace is definitely that it saves space with a handy hook at the top so you can hang it from doors or towel racks to make it easy to grab what you need. It comes in 5 fun colours, two of which are fun patterns – flamingos or tigers. That will easily put you into vacation mode in no time. But if you travel for business frequently, the other colours might be a better choice.

The Hankcles Travel Cosmetic Bag comes with an affordable price tag, however if you tend to take big items along in your makeup and skincare stash, you might want something a little larger. It’s only capable of housing 3 oz. sizes of bottles. For those that need a smaller travel makeup bag, this one will be a perfect fit.

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Lavievert Toiletry Bag

For the traveler that needs complete organization wherever she goes, this bag by Lavievert is a must-have. It has a place and space for everything so you can organize it to your standards. The main compartment is very spacious and ideal for big bottles. It opens up wide to reveal interior mesh pockets including ones with zippers to fully hold on to your products. A great feature of this travel makeup bag is that it has a very large and transparent zippered pocket, making it even more easy-access.

On the side, there are pockets with little elastic loops that can hold things like mascara and eyeliner or even makeup brushes. You can also tuck your toothbrush in there too. Everything stays safe and dry with thick padding that’s water resistant so you’ll truly have no worries for your products on the road. A hook at the top that tucks away when not in use allows you to hang it from just about any surface so you can enjoy the fruits of your organizational efforts hands-free. You can also stand it up independently on counter space, if there is room in your hotel’s bathroom to do so.

We love that the Lavievert Toiletry Bag can fit full-sizes in this bag and that there is a place for everything, making it a detail-oriented traveler’s makeup bag dream come true. There really isn’t much to complain about here, though more color choices would be superb.

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Itraveller Hanging Toiletry Bag

Are you a light packer? Then the Itraveller hanging travel makeup bag is for you. It cleverly cares for all your most important essentials. It’s an ideal solution for weekend trips. The lining inside is antibacterial to keep things from getting gross wherever you go. It also features a water-resistant fabric to protect everything. Together, it keeps these features keep your bag from ever getting that smell. You know the one.

With durable stitching, this travel makeup bag holds in multiple compartments including a transparent one that makes it easy to see what’s inside. It also has a hook at the top to allow for hanging. Plus, with so many adorable colours and patterns, you’ll be sure to find one you love.

On the downside, it is a small travel makeup bag. So if you can’t go anywhere without your full collection, or you’re taking a long trip, you’d be better off with something else. While the hook does make it convenient to access, if you want something you can easily open and access on the countertop that stays put, you’ll be disappointed. Those things aside, it’s a great travel makeup bag.

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OR Pure Makeup Bag

Now, let’s go a little smaller for women who like to keep things ultra-compact or are just staying out for the night. While small, it is very durable and waterproof to boot so there’s nothing it can’t handle, except large products of course. But let’s be honest. If you’re buying a travel makeup bag for small excursions, or to tote makeup along with you in your handbag, this one has potential staying power.

The OR Pure Makeup Bag includes a mini makeup mirror inside, plus pockets that are ideal for makeup brushes and tube makeup applicators. The 2-side zippered compartments hold everything else in place and a small mesh pocket is ideal for cosmetic puffs.

As mentioned, this is a small travel makeup bag, but if you’re only staying one or two nights, or prefer a more compact style, this will be suitable. There is no hook for hanging though, so if you choose this one, organizing it well before you leave will save you lots of time fumbling around for what you need.

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LeSportsac Essential Everyday Cosmetic

For the no-fuss gal who just wants a travel makeup bag that can hold her essentials and her IDs, this LeSportssac Everyday Cosmetic Bag from is the right match. Inside, you’ll find an interior slip plus a zippered pocket. There’s an ID window and card slots, making this fabulous for the gal on the go. Instead of carrying a handbag, wallet and makeup bag, if you’re a light traveler, you can just carry this and be on your way.

It is available in more colours and patterns than you can imagine so finding one you like will be no sweat. The nylon material is easy to wipe clean when you encounter messes, however, it’s not waterproof so beware. Another thing to keep in mind is this one doesn’t have a hook for hanging, but it’s so versatile for small trips or everyday use, you may just forgive that shortcoming.

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Kate Spade Cameron Street Bag

For the fancy girl who would never dare rough it in the bush, we’ve got your number. This Kate Spade bag is made from leather for a truly sophisticated look. It has a top zip closure plus an interior wall pocket for little tubes of lipstick and the like. It is an incredibly high-quality bag, as you’d expect from the designer label.

This is the kind of travel makeup bag you take when you’re staying at posh 5-star establishments. Because there, you won’t be fighting for counter space with your partner. You’ll have a vanity area all your own to sit and preen at. With a flat bottom, you can stand it upright without worry that it will tip over and spill your most adored makeup products all over the marble flooring.

The cons of choosing a travel makeup bag like this are fairly obvious. It’s more expensive than other options and it doesn’t have room to take along your entire makeup collection. However, it is a stunning item that looks good pulling it from your larger Kate Spade to touch up in the mirrors at fancy establishments.

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HaloVa Toiletry Makeup Bag

With multiple compartments for storing and stashing items in an organized way, HaloVa has done a great job designing a well-thought-out toiletry bag. It opens up to reveal large space for full size facial care products as well as makeup palettes. A large transparent pocket allows you to see everything inside and two smaller mesh pockets make for a great place for lipsticks and such. A hook at the top allows you to hang it in the hotel bathroom to fully access all the goodies you’ve tucked inside.

We really like this travel makeup bag for the soft versatility it provides. It’s also waterproof, which is good for anything you ever plan on bringing in bathrooms. The large pocket that can fit full-sized products makes this a winner for women that don’t want to invest in travel sizes or simply want to bring all their makeup along for the ride. The pattern choices are fun and peppy, however there are only two to choose from.

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Vera Bradley Hanging Organizer

From the outside, this Vera Bradley travel makeup bag looks rather mundane. Open it up though and it’s a whole different story. Made from a durable polyester, it is machine washable and super-soft. Loads of pockets throughout make it a makeup lover’s dream come true for all the spaces and places they can easily put their favorite tubes, pots, creams and more. The top zippered interior pocket comes with two double taffeta-lined and clear plastic-covered compartments. There is also a plastic pocket at the bottom.

The tie closure allows is an artful way to close your bag, though some will find fault in this. After all, shouldn’t it zip or snap shut for convenience? But the hanging hook and the incredible space within make up for that lapse in judgement. Still, it’s not waterproof material, so hang it where you can be sure it will stay out of the splash zone.

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Travel Makeup Bag Buying Guide

What to Look for When Buying a Travel Makeup Bag

Perhaps you’ve looked through our list and thought these all look like nice options for your next travel makeup bag. But every woman is different and has different needs and habits when it comes to toting her toiletries and makeup essentials.

Here is what you should look for to make the right decision for your personal needs.

Men might not realize the thought that goes into choosing a travel makeup bag. It’s not just a bag. It needs to be useful for makeup and skincare needs during travel. Choosing one that doesn’t have enough space or lacks the pockets and pouches necessary to hold everything is a bit silly since you’ll just need to take along another bag, or worse, resort to using a plastic bag to hold the extras. Keeping it all in one place is the whole point of your makeup bag. Perhaps the design looks cool, but when you think about how you’re going to use it, make sure the design is something that’s functional for you. Note however that if something is completely functional for your best friend, it might not be the case for you. Every woman has different needs when it comes to her travels and you should focus on functionality for your own personal needs.

Size definitely matters when choosing a travel makeup bag. If you frequently travel on short trips and can’t take the whole world with you, then you will want to choose something more compact. However, if you’re a more worldly traveller and you often embark on longer trips away from home, you’ll probably be happiest with a larger makeup bag. Even if you don’t use a lot of makeup, you can use it for all your skincare needs from cleansers to lotions, for your dental care, and even for your jewellery and other accessories. While a larger size will take up more space, it will save you from having to stuff your bags full of other little bags that contain your other personal items.

Once you figure out what size you’ll be most comfortable with, it’s time to look at the features each travel makeup bag offers. Is it waterproof? Does that matter to you? Can it stand independently on a table or countertop and open up like a train case? Is that what you want? Does it come with a hook to hang it with for ease of use on the road? Some of these features will be important to you while others of them won’t matter one bit. Many women find that what’s most important is how the space inside the makeup bag is organized. Having enough pockets and pouches to secure everything ranks highly on the list, and for travellers that like to bring their full-sized products along for the journey, having a makeup bag that can hold them is imperative.

When it comes to choosing your makeup bag, you might not care whether or not it’s waterproof, however you likely care that it will hold up and stand the test of time. It can resist water all day but if you take it on one trip and the stitching starts bursting at the seams, it was a waste of money. Go for one with quality that meets your standards. While we’ve carefully curated this list, we urge you to choose the makeup bag that exudes quality at your level of standards so it will go with you all over the globe for many years ahead.

A makeup bag for travel is supposed to make your life easier and more organized while you’re away from home. At home, you have the luxury of knowing exactly where everything is. In fact, you can probably go through your skincare and makeup routine blindfolded because you know your layout so well. Away from home though, you don’t have your vanity or the same setup, so having a makeup bag that keeps things thoughtfully organized is a bright idea. Bags that fold up to compact sizes and open up to expand into several different compartments are good choices for those with larger items, more makeup, or both. They snugly hold it all in place and prevent spills. You can devote each section to a particular theme. For example, if it opens into three separate compartments, you can set one side for skincare products and another for makeup while using another for basic toiletries like toothpaste and shampoo.

Functionality of your makeup bag will always be your first choice, but most women don’t want an ugly makeup bag. You’ll be using it for years to come, so choose something with a style you like. Even if it’s a basic black style, does it look high-quality? Do you prefer patterns or colours? Bright or dark? Lots of options are available so there’s no need to settle for something you don’t like.

Makeup isn’t cheap so choosing a makeup bag that protects your products from damage is another thing to consider when buying. The padding should be enough to cushion it from outside influences, but something else to think about is the event of spills. If you accidentally forget to tighten the cap on your lotion, it could lead to a big mess. Is the interior made with easy to clean material that wipes away or is antibacterial? This will make short work of big messes, should they arise. Waterproof materials inside and out mean that messes can be tidied up even if you’re far away from everything.

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Ready to Go? Don’t Forget Your Essentials!

Once you have your new travel makeup bag, you’ll need to pack it for your trip. But as you stand in your bathroom, it suddenly becomes very daunting. How do you choose what to bring? For starters, consider the length of your trip. Are you going away for just one or two nights? Or will you be gone for a week or two? If it’s the former, focus on the basics because you’re not going to have time to use everything you own on your face in that amount of time. For longer trips, you can make more items, like 2 or 3 of your favorite makeup palettes instead of just one.
Here’s a quick check list of essential items to help you remember the goodies you should pop into your new travel bag:

The Essential Makeup Bag Travel Packing List - Top 10 Travel
We’re sure you can think of many more items you should have in your makeup bag. It helps to make a list, just as you would for the clothing you would bring. Much of it depends on what you’re doing during your trip. For example, if you’re going to a weekend wedding at a posh resort, you’ll want to take your best makeup and skincare items along to look your most ravishing. If you’re going for a weekend of hiking, you’re going to want a more basic approach, like tinted BB cream and a hydrating mist to keep skin refreshed during your excursion.

Every woman has her own special approach to beauty which is why there are so many fantastic travel makeup bag options out there to choose from. Which one will you choose for your next adventure?

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