Best Travel Photos from Ross Louis Klein

Best Travel Photos – Ross Louis Klein is a filmmaker and photographer from New York. His travel photography can
be seen at wanderlost.photler.com, and his other work at rosslouisklein.com

The following are his 10 favorite travel Photos

A Dance of Balloons – Cappadocia, Turkey

A Dance of Balloons - Cappadocia, Turkey
Cappadocia is an immensely photographable place, and is famous for their sunrise hot air ballooning. I lucked out that morning; it was looking like there wasn’t going to be much a sunrise due to clouds, and in fact shortly after this shot was taken, it did get a bit cloudy, but for a good 20-30 minutes, the colors and light were perfect. I like this shot in particular because I was able to frame all of the balloons in such a way that they almost create an abstract shape in the frame, thus me titling it “A Dance of Balloons.” Also, fun fact, this was my first Instagram picture to break 100 likes (I really need to work harder on the social media game).

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Bison Crossing – Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA

Bison Crossing - Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA
In the summer of 2014, I packed up my life in Los Angeles after three years of feeling a bit useless and decided to take my time driving back across the country to New York. I stopped in many cities and national parks during my 49 day trip, but Yellowstone was an absolute highlight. Despite some clouds and rain, it was an epic day, especially when a herd of bison decided to nonchalantly cross the road directly in front of my car. I jumped out of the car and, keeping a safe distance of course, started gleefully shooting away.

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Cuba in Color – Havana, Cuba

Cuba in Color - Havana, Cuba
My most recent trip was a month-long stay in Cuba. I spent much of my time in Havana, which is an incredibly unique and fascinating city, seemingly stuck in this strange time warp of old and new, but changing rapidly. The city and its inhabitants made me perceive and appreciate color in a way I hadn’t really had an opportunity to before, at least in the natural world. Most of the places I have previously visited just simply do not have the vibrant colors on display that Havana has at every corner. I started making photo missions for myself to capture very formal, straight-on compositions of a subject wearing a color that balanced or complimented their surroundings. I was keen on memorizing the question “Te peudo sacar unafoto?” very early on. This unhappy looking guy in green didn’t mind a bit.

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Fethiye Fly – Oludeniz, Turkey

Fethiye Fly - Oludeniz, Turkey
Similar to my shot from Cappadoccia, this was taken from the air, though this was a much more exhilarating ride. Having arrived in Fethiye with no plans or ambitions, I learned it was one of the paragliding capitals of the world, so naturally, I booked myself a glide, but was sure to book with a company that would allow me to bring my own camera in the air (I think I had to pay extra for that privilege, but it was worth it). My tandem instructor and I bused up the mountain to the peak overlooking Oludeniz in the early morning, and I start shooting the incredible views and he prepared. Soon after, he strapped me in, pointed us off the face of the cliff, then said, “Okay, start running.” As someone who historically has been afraid of heights, I surprised myself by not hesitating for even a split second, and sure enough, ran straight off of a mountain. We were airborne for over 30 minutes, which I believe is quite a long time for these things; the wind was perfect, and my instructor was killing it. This shot is looking straight down at the gorgeous Blue Lagoon of Oludeniz Beach. It’s not very often you find yourself experiencing and able to photograph beautiful locales like this from this perspective. It is a highlight of my life.

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Jajce Falls – Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Jajce Falls - Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina
About 100 miles (160 km) northeast of Sarajevo in central Bosnia and Herzegovina is the small village of Jajce. While planning my route through the Balkans, I took one look at a picture of the Pliva Waterfall and knew I was going. Apparently considered “one of the twelve most beautiful waterfalls in the world” (I do not know whose job and authority it is to award and endorse these things, but there you go), it is truly something to behold. Like something out of The Lord of the Rings, it looks like a fairy tale village, especially from the view across the Pliva river where this long exposure was taken.

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Light and Dark, Young and Old – Jerusalem, Israel

Light and Dark, Young and Old - Jerusalem, Israel
2014 was the first year I started really taking pictures on my iPhone, and made me consider that maybe, in certain circumstances, it can actually be a pretty impressive photographic tool. My Canon’s shutter froze on day one of my trip to Israel, so I resorted to my iPhone out of necessity, but I’m very happy I had it. I knew as soon as I saw this mother and daughter walking down towards me that it was going to be a special picture. The mother is wearing a headscarf while her daughter is not, presumably because she has not yet reached the age where it is considered necessary, and so the light and shadow of the scene takes on a certain symbolism: the traditions of old separated in the shadows, the daughter and her youth representing the future bathed in light. It is entirely possible that one may not give the image this reading unless otherwise encouraged to do so, but I love images like this that invite symbolic or thematic readings.

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Lunch Guest – Istanbul, Turkey

Lunch Guest - Istanbul, Turkey
This picture was taken during an amazing lunch with some friends I met while traveling. We stumbled upon this restaurant with an incredible view of the city and the Bosphorus, and shortly after our food arrived noticed that scores of seagulls were circling our table. After we had finished eating, I pushed some of our uneaten food over to the corner of the table to kind of bait the birds into diving in, thinking it would make for a great picture. This guy landed on the table and took some quick bites, seemingly anticipating to be shooed away immediately. I clearly had no intention of doing so, as I was loving the photo opp. The bird caught on and seemed to look at us a bit confused as to why he was being allowed to stay on our table, and then began to more leisurely eat as our guest. It was an incredible day with some incredible people, and this picture is a reminder of the immense fun one can have with the wonderful strangers you meet while traveling.

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Shi Shi Beach – Olympic National Park, Washington, USA

Shi Shi Beach - Olympic National Park, Washington, USA
A few weeks into my 2014 road trip, I met up with some college friends I had not seen in years in Seattle. Eric and Laura along with Laura’s dog Dozer joined me for a few days of exploring and camping in the Olympic National Park, including this epic stop at Shi Shi Beach, which may be one of the most scenic locations in the entire Pacific Northwest. I knew as soon as I pressed the shutter on this shot of Eric throwing rocks for Dozer that is was a winner. It is one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken.

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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants – Meteora, Greece

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants - Meteora, Greece
Meteora, Greece is an awe-inspiring place. Literally meaning “suspended in air” it is a complex of six Eastern Orthodox monasteries in northwestern Greece. Built on and surrounded by otherworldly rock pillars as early as the 12th century, it is a sight to behold. Walking from the highest and largest monastery back down to Kalambaka below was a wonderful experience, and resulted in some breathtaking pictures. This shot is clearly not of one of the monasteries (though a couple of those shots were in contention for this list), but rather of a couple standing on top of a rock across the way and admiring the view. I am grateful that they are wearing the bright colors of light green and orange, because they are so clearly noticeable and truly pop from their surroundings. This picture is a wonderful reminder of how small we really are, and how nice it can be to truly feel that change in perspective, step back and just breathe it all in.

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Vancouver Reflection – Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver Reflection - Vancouver, Canada
Another stop on my 2014 road trip, I went to Vancouver after having made a friend who lived there a few weeks earlier in Lake Tahoe (one of my favorite parts of traveling: the people you meet for only a brief time but still open up their homes and lives to you down the road). On this day, I walked almost the entire circumference of the city and had a peacefully introspective time on my own reflecting on the past weeks of my road trip, and the future stops awaiting me. This shot was taken on the Seawall of the massive Stanley Park, the still Vancouver Harbor providing an excellent reflection of the gorgeous cityscape.

Ross Louis Klein is a filmmaker and photographer from New York. His travel photography can be seen at wanderlost.photler.com, and his other work at rosslouisklein.com.

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