The 10 Best Weekender Bags for 2018 – Buying Guide and Reviews


The 10 Best Weekender Bags for 2018

Best Weekender Bags in 2018

Weekend trips are one of the main staples of travelers’ lives. When we don’t have time for a weeks-long vacation, a weekend trip can scratch the travel itch and bring enrichment and joy into our traveling lives. However, to have a great weekend trip, you’ve got to have one of the best weekender bags.

Oversize luggage can be great for long vacations to foreign destinations, but may take up too much space in the luggage rack or the trunk for a weekend trip. On the other hand, you need a lot more space than your old backpack from college will provide.

The best weekender bags are all about efficiency and economy of design. Packing a lot of items neatly and securely into a small space can be a challenge for all of us, but the best weekender bags make it a breeze—meaning traveling is easier and can therefore be more fun and more frequent.

I make it my mission to help travelers find bags that are not only the best all around, but the best for them personally—for their style, their needs, and their budgets.

How to Find the Best Weekender Bag for You

Finding the best weekender bag for you consists of two important facets: finding a bag of the highest possible quality that fits your budget, and finding a bag that matches your personal style and travel needs.

That’s why I’ve included all styles of bags in this article, from totes to duffles and everything in between, and in a variety of materials and constructions from the delicate to the extraordinarily durable. I’ve also included bags at a wide range of price points, so that you can find the best choice that fits your budget.

Here are my top 10 best weekender bags for 2018, along with a little bit of information about what makes each one great.

Wowbox Weekender Bag

This offering from Wowbox boasts plenty of storage space with multiple interior and exterior pockets, and is also quite comfortable to carry over the shoulder or in the hand, with strong padded straps. The durability of this bag is one of its key points, but what really amazes me is its value in terms of the storage space it provides.

While it suits virtually all carry-on requirements and comes at a fairly low price point, it offers more than enough space to comfortably take a weekend trip, and has secure pockets for delicate and valuable belongings. Its styling is also perfect, with just a little ruggedness and a lot of European charm. FOr the latest price on this fantastic Wowbox Weekender bag check on Amazon.

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Polare Genuine Leather Duffle

Polare’s large genuine leather bag will work great as a carry-on or for a long car trip. Its durable, attractive all-leather construction is sure to attract attention, and its oversized main pocket provides plenty of room for large items such as clothing. While it doesn’t offer as many extra exterior pockets as some of its competitors, there are still some available, and it makes up for this with tons of room in the main pocket.

Its distressed leather look is quite classy, without being too loud, but it is clearly a high-quality product. While you’ll pay a bit more for this bag than some others, it looks great and is sure to last a long time. Check the latest price of the Polare Genuine Leather Duffle on Amazon

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Scout Weekender Bag

Scout has long been one of my favorite manufacturers of budget-conscious travel bags, and their plethora of design choices means that it’s easy to find a style to suit just about anyone. With a sturdy, zippered main pocket and designs ranging from the plain to the attention-grabbing, the Scout weekender bag is sure to please.

This bag is also water-resistant, making it the perfect bag to take to the beach. While it does have a comfortable handle at a good size, it unfortunately does not come with a shoulder strap. The bag’s lightweight yet durable construction makes carrying it by hand a breeze, though. You can pickup this bag at a great price on Amazon.

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Nornou Large Capacity Weekend Bag

This simply but elegantly designed bag is available at a steal of a price, but offers the same solid construction you’d expect from more expensive offerings. It offers a wide array of side pockets, but its main pocket is still large enough to hold a laptop, a few sets of clothes, and some smaller items with ease.

One of my favorite things about the Nornou large capacity weekend bag is its comfortable unisex design. While many of the other bags on this list are more directly aimed toward women or men, this is a design everyone can be comfortable with.

Unfortunately, it does not come with a shoulder strap, which is the only real downside I found with this bag. The durability and comfort of the duffle at such a great price more than made up for this small shortfall in my opinion, though. Check out the latest price on Amazon

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Malirona Canvas Weekender Bag

This canvas bag from Malirona is available in a wide array of eye-catching designs, and offers a simple and sturdy construction. While you won’t find a lot of side pockets here, its huge main pocket is good for carrying just about anything, and there is a smaller, zippered interior pocket perfect for securing a wallet or phone.

The open side pockets that the bag does offer are perfect for storing books or a tablet you may need to access during a flight, or snacks for the kids.

While I was initially attracted to this bag more for its aesthetic appeal than anything else, I came away loving its durability and large storage capacity most of all. It sits at an unexpectedly low price point, too!

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Betsey Johnson Quilted Heart Weekender Bag

This weekender bag from Betsey Johnson looks to find a middle ground between being beautiful and being strong, and also offers itself up at a solidly mid-range price point. While it’s not exactly a budget option, it’s also far cheaper than a lot of bags out there.

Its array of beautiful color options and elegant design are sure to make it a favorite for travelers everywhere, but on top of this it offers a very sturdy construction and a nice interior pocket for storing valuables, phones, and wallets. It does lack a wide selection of side pockets, though.

My favorite quality of this bag is its attention to detail. While many bags with a sturdy and pretty exterior skimp on the interior, this bag has a beautifully designed, plush, and protective interior as well! Check out the latest price of the Betsey Johnson Quilted Heart Weekender Bag on Amazon

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Newhey Waterproof Canvas Overnight Bag

This mid-priced option from Newhey is one of my favorites for a variety of reasons. Between its simple and rugged design and its huge advantage of being waterproof, it offers plenty of value for the adventurous traveler.

While perfectly suited for carry-on use as well, the Newhey canvas overnight bag is one of my favorites for camping and other outdoor adventures, both because of its aforementioned water resistance and its ruggedly constructed seams and rivets.

Unfortunately, it does not have a wide variety of side pockets. However, the extra-large interior is perfect for storing everything from clothes to laptops to necessary travel goodies like cameras, flashlights, and sunglasses—and to top it all off, it comes with an extremely comfortable shoulder strap. CHeck out the latest price on Amazon.

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Victoria’s Secret Weekend Travel Tote

This subtle but eye-catchingly designed bag from Victoria’s Secret offers plenty of durability and capacity as well as fashion. One of my favorite things about this bag is that it comes with a matching cosmetics case.

Its large carrying capacity and secure open side pocket are also nice touches, as is its lovingly designed interior. In addition to turning heads, the Victoria’s Secret weekend travel tote is great for carrying all manner of things you’ll need to have a great time and keep looking great while on a weekend trip. It comes with a durable shoulder strap in addition to its comfort-grip handles as well. You can see the latest price on this great tote bag at Amazon.

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Vera Bradley Weekender

In the world of bags, everyone knows Vera Bradley. From their beautiful, intricate designs to their mission to empower women everywhere, this company has scored a lot of points—and to top it all off, their bags are extremely durable.

The Weekender from Vera Bradley is the perfect compromise between their handbags and their oversized luggage. Made to fit comfortably in the carry-on rack, and with durability and economy of space in mind, this bag is sure to please.

While I wish it also came with a shoulder strap, I just love this bag’s handles—and with such a wide variety of Vera Bradley designs and color schemes, they’re sure to suit any taste and match any outfit. Check the latest price online at Amazon

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101Snorkel XL Beach Tote

This durable, beautiful tote from 101Snorkel is great for a trip to the beach or a trip around the world. In addition to its large main pocket’s surprising carrying capacity, it features a zippered outer pocket that’s perfect for protecting your phone or tablet during a day at the beach (or a long flight).

Its comfortable mesh handles are also a great selling point, and are wide enough that most people will be able to throw them over the shoulder as well as carrying them in the hand. My favorite thing about this bag might just be the price, though—at a deep, budget-friendly discount and with plenty of durability, this bag really shines. Buy now on Amazon

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I hope this article has helped you find the perfect weekender bag for your needs and your budget. Do you have a favorite from this list? Did I leave anything out? Let me know in the comments!

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