Tips and reviews on How to Start a Travel Blog in 2020


Are you looking to start your own travel blog in 2020?

Everybody daydreams of  travelling the world as a full time Travel Blogger and some are very successful. Bloggers like Matthew Kepnes (Nomadic Matt) get listed on CNN, Time magazine and have hundreds of thousands of social media followers. So how do you bite the bullet and start a travel blog? Well we have searched the net to find the 10 best tips for starting your own travel blog.

How to start a Travel Blog in 2020 – Tips and Reviews.

Pick a Niche

As pointed out in Globotreks article How to Start a successful Travel Blog you need to find a travel niche. To do this you think to think about what you are passionate about when you travel. Maybe you could be the “Backpacking Guru” who writes about your adventures in dodgy third world hostels. Maybe you could be the “Nomadic Painter” who stops everywhere you travel to paint a lovely picture. (painting tips not provided). You can right a more generic travel blog however you are facing some stiff competition for readers.

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Choose A Good Name

This advise goes hand in hand with the tip above and is one of the hardest parts of starting a successful travel blog. You do not want to end up with a crap domain name like (LOL). Have a look at this in-depth article Choosing the Right Domain name at Or if you want to cheat why not have a look at one of these ideas for travel blog name at This World Rocks. We also recommend sites like Nameboy or Namemesh that include software to help you generate a good domain name.

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Buy a domain Name

Once you have come up with the world best travel blog name ( you need to check that the domain name is available. For buying a domain name I recommend visiting GoDaddy or Fat Cow and checking. Most articles suggest buying a DOT COM domain name and this is good advise except nearly every name you can think of has been snapped up by Domain name stealing robots. Recently new top level domains have become available like or and these rank in google just as well as does. I would suggest having a look at all the avaialble domains and picking the best for your travel blog. (Note Googles parent company Alphabet uses

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Get a Hosting account


If you are still reading this and haven’t freaked out yet a hosting account is where you store all the files (and database) required to run a travel blog. As pointed out in the great article How to Start a Travel Blog In Six Easy Steps from Adventurous Kate you can usually combine steps 8 and 7 together and buy a domain name directly from your web host. As a Hosting provider we recommend Host Gator or Blue Host

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Snap up your social media accounts

Social Media
This is an extremely important part of the process as social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the best way to promote your travel blog and interact with your members. Remember when you create your amazing travel article you need to get the message out and share with your followers. Promote yourself

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Install WordPress (everyone else does)


WordPress is the software that drives your travel blog and enables you to add posts, pages pictures etc. Nearly every travel blog (and most company websites) use WordPress. Have a look at How to start a travel blog by Triphackr for some great information and tips on installing WordPress. If you chose a decent web hosting above like HostGator then installation of WordPress only takes 1 click.
See How You Can Set Up a WordPress Blog in 15 Minutes

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Buy a Premium WordPress theme and stand out from the crowd

Once installed WordPress you will have access to a few basic themes however I would recommend paying for a premium theme. Your WordPress travel blog will look a lot more professional and stand out from your competition. For some fantastic premium themes I recommend you visit ThemeForest

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Add the best WordPress Plugins to make your travel blog better

Plugins are installed inside WordPress and can offer your blog new functionality, there are 1000’s of plugins available including Google Maps, Woocommerce, Yoast SEO or Facebook integration. When you visit a blog and she the option to share the post to social media that is usually a plugin (or built into the premium theme). Have a look at the fantastic article Creating an Awesome Blog Using WordPress from Creative Minds. Most of the plugins are free to install or include a monthly fee, again you can buy some premium plugins from CodeCanyon.

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Write some killer articles that people actually want to read

Wanderlust offers a great article 10 Tips on writing a good travel article which is definitely worth the read. Writing good content is the most important part of your blog, some sites suggest including lots of keywords in your article to help you rank higher in search engines. In my opinion keyword stuffing hasn’t worked for the last 5 years and quality article that people actually want to read and share is the biggest factor in gaining popularity. Have a look at some of the quality posts and Travel Books from Nomadic Matt to understand my point.

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Be Patient and repeat

Remember writing a quality travel blog doesn’t happen overnight (but it will happen!!) and it takes a while to build up your audience. Don’t just write 1 article and expect millions of followers, give them quality travel articles and they will continue to visit your travel blog.

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Husband and Dad of 2 Richard is the founder of Top 10 Travel and loves everything travel related. Born in the UK and now living in Australia he has trekked Annapurna and parts of Western China and also spent time in Europe. As a family they have traveled to the USA several times, Canada, Europe and China. Next Stop is Iceland in September 2018.

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