Aeris Travel Neck Pillow

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HIGH QUALITY: You will receive the highest quality responsive memory foam product that provides an excellent support. Memory foam base is covered with an internal cover and they are placed in a luxury removable machine washable plush velour cover.
VENTILATION HOLES: Ordinary Memory foam products get warm, to prevent this we have created ventilation holes for airflow for the best sleeping experience. AIRED: All our products are aerated for 7 days to allow the odour of newly manufactured memory foam to dissipate.
VERSATILE: Excellent for sleeping on aeroplanes, cars, buses, trains. We have got customers using it at home watching TV, reading, studying, and napping. It is also used by pools and beaches.

$24.90 (as of March 18, 2018, 5:09 am)

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Last updated: January 3rd, 2017

Secret of Sleeping Well When Travelling

Neck Pain Sufferers: How to End Pain and Sleep More Comfortably on an Aeroplane

– Excellent neck support from the highest quality visco-elastic memory foam.
– Memory foam is a visco-elastic temperature-sensitive material that moulds to the contours of your own neck.
– Memory foam yields slowly under compression and provides little resistance until the weight is distributed over the entire area. When the weight is lifted off, memory foam very slowly returns to its original shape.

The Aeris Memory Foam Pillow allows your neck to rest in a totally natural, and therefore tension free position.

The pillow relieves pressure and reduces tiredness as it greatly improves the quality of sleep. The Aeris Memory Foam Pillow also stimulates blood circulation, eliminates muscle tension and reduces restlessness while you sleep. Best for travelling on planes,trains,buses in a car, working in front of your computer, camping, lying on your couch watching TV or by the beach reading a book and many other uses.

The Aeris Memory Foam Neck Pillow comes with a portable bag

– The neck pillow comes with a detachable machine-washable plush cover.

The ONLY Memory Foam Neck Pillow Backed by a Lifetime, No-Quibble,Free Replacement Guarantee

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A Top Quality Memory Foam Pillow Providing Excellent Neck Support.
The Aeris Travel Neck Pillow comes with a portable bag.
Machine-washable plush velour cover.
Every product has been aerated for 7 days to allow the odor of newly manufactured memory foam to dissipate.

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